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"Smart Talk is the swiss-army knife of communication skills!"

“Smart Talk is the swiss-army knife of communication skills!”

We make an effort to keep all the Smart Talk free book links up-to-date, but every once a while, one slips by us.  If you see a broken link, it would be great if you let us know! Thanks.

Chapter 1. Taking the “Hell” Out of Hello: How to Introduce Yourself

C1: Fake eHarmony Introduction
C1: Serious, Funny, and Artistic Introductions

Chapter 2. Conversation Magic: How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

C2: Is it a Real or Fake Smile?
C2: Online Conversation Making Guide

Chapter 3. Cat Got Your Tongue? What to Say When
C3: Holiday Horror Stories

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Chapter 6. Fearless Feedback: How to Deliver Restorative Feedback
C6: “Feedback” –  Slamdance Film Festival Short

Chapter 8. We Have to Talk: How to Have a Difficult Conversation
C8: Funny “Difficult Conversation” Video

Chapter 9. Tongue Fu: How to Deal With Difficult People
C9: SNL’s The Whiners Video

Chapter 10. Say No More: How to Say “No”
C10: Just Say No Videos

Chapter 12. The Art of the Deal: How to Negotiate
C12: Negotiating Montage Video/

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