Marc Wolfe: Understanding Executive Coaching

“The world consistently tries to tell you that you can’t do it. Even your best friends tell you that you can’t do it. Some of the other people that are hung up on their own lives, say you can’t do it. The more you believe that, you start to live their lives instead of your own.”  –  Marc Wolfe


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In my Smart Talk Episode 84 conversation with Marc Wolfe you’ll hear about:

  • How he defines coaching in contrast to a mentor or a consultant
  • What are the common reasons people opt for coaching
  • How to go about in choosing a coach

Understanding Executive Coaching

Do you value feedback and want to make better decisions? Have you ever wished you had an objective outside resource to discuss ideas or challenge your approach? Or perhaps you are simply interested in more success in your leadership role. Today, I’d like to explore the concept of coaching. Although professional coaching is becoming more and more accepted, I find that many people (perhaps including myself) don’t fully understand the various roles of a coach or fully understand how a coach can benefit you career.

Marc Wolfe headshot 2014As a certified International Coach Federation (ICF) executive coach, Marc is passionate about assisting businesses and executives in achieving greater success through his expertise in communication, business processes, and technology solutions.

As Chief Thought Provoker and coach, he guides organizations and individuals through a systematic process that provides clarity, direction, and results while gaining new perspectives through intentional, strategic thinking. Marc A. Wolfe sees the world of business with a vision of what it can be versus where it is.  Marc developed his unique Action Acceleration strategy through his professional experience, having consulted with medical professionals, creative thinkers, and corporate executives.

As an entrepreneur, Marc has started six businesses, four of which he started by the time he was 28. During this time, Marc has assisted Fortune 500 clients in 18 states and three countries. Clients include Becton Dickinson, The Mayo Clinic, CNBC, Toys R Us, and more.

Marc has been contacted for his strategic insights by McKinsey & Company, Oliver Wyman (Marsh & McLennan), and quoted by, CMP Media, and CRN, and has appeared in The Performance Magazine.

He is co-authoring a book entitled “Yeah But… A Guidebook for Moving Life Forward & Leaving Excuses and Alibis Behind”

You can learn more about Marc at:

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