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Like your Smart Talk tips? Get the book! It’s full of highly practical advice for professionals at any level. Smart Talk is written by Lisa. B. Marshall, the host of the popular Public Speaker podcast, downloaded more than 10 million times in over 200 countries. Read what others are saying:


Smart Talk Success - Buy The Book Smart Talk teaches you to unleash the enchanting person inside you. It will help you end clumsy conversation, pitiful persuasion, and impotent influence.

Guy Kawasaki, best-selling author and Apple evangelist


Lisa B. Marshall’s “Smart Talk” is the kind of book that feels at once fun to read and yet something that requires a pen and note paper. Busy? Not an excuse. Marshall has you covered there, too. Dig in.
Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, NY Time Bestselling coauthor of “The Impact Equation”



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Smart Talk is no ordinary book— it’s a swiss army knife of communication—a set of tools to build strong relationships and avoid communication breakdowns. Backed by solid research and written in an engaging narrative style with a warm sense of humor, communication expert Lisa B. Marshall translates her wealth of experience into practical, fresh advice to help you navigate any complex situation, and achieve both professional and personal success. Effective communication is priceless!

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Buy Smart Talk and get the discussion guide as a FREE Bonus!

Send your receipt and get a FREE copy of Sharpen your Smart Talk, the official discussion guide for Smart Talk. For each chapter, the discussion guide contains thought-provoking communication scenarios and it’s up to you to find a way to handle each situation. In addition, the guide contains more chapter challenges and reference links to advance your communication skills. It’s guaranteed to jump start your ability to think on your feet and help you to quickly and effectively resolve unexpected communication challenges.


Smart Talk Table of Contents

1. Taking the “Hell” Out of Hello: How to Introduce Yourself

2. Conversation Magic: How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

3. Cat Got Your Tongue? What to Say When . . .

4. Giddyup Your Follow- Up: How to Effectively Follow Up on Your Conversations

5. From Archie Bunker to Mary Poppins: How to Speak with Tact and Grace

6. Fearless Feedback: How to Deliver Restorative Feedback

7. Ouch, That Hurts! How to Accept Criticism

8. We Have to Talk: How to Have a Difficult Conversation

9. Tongue Fu: How to Deal with Difficult People

10. Say No More: How to Say “No”

11. The Art (and Science) of Persuasion: How to Influence Others

12. The Art of the Deal: How to Negotiate

13. Say Yes to Impress: How to Use Positive Language

14. Magically Delicious: How to Unleash Your Inner Charisma

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Early Praise for Smart Talk!

“This is no ordinary book— it’s the Swiss Army knife of communication—a set of tools to build strong relationships and avoid communication breakdowns. Smart Talk is fun to read, based on sound theory, and includes inspirational examples. Carry out the suggested chapter challenges and you’ll soon solve communication problems at work and in your private life.”
Mary M. Mitchell, etiquette expert, syndicated columnist, and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Modern Manners

“Lisa is a dynamic and engaging public speaker, and this book shows you how to be an amazing communicator as well. No business person or educator should be without Smart Talk. Deep and wide, yet beautifully simple, it’s a fantastic read. Should be required reading for every graduating student.”
Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen and Th e Naked Presenter

“Lisa Marshall’s book gives you a tool kit to get results. One of the most painful things I’ve witnessed is watching people who want to introduce themselves but are held back by their own doubts, by their own perceived lack of personality or anything interesting to say. This is the book I’d like to glue on a stick and hit them over the head with.”
Christopher S. Penn, digital marketing executive, bestselling author, and actual ninja

“A smart resource for real-life scenarios, Smart Talk teaches you easy ways to have confidence and conviction behind your words.”
Tracy Davidson, anchor/consumer watch reporter NBC10 News Philadelphia

“If you want to build your circle of influence, it’s critical that you master effective communication skills. With Smart Talk, Lisa’s written a practical guide to help you navigate a variety of situations so you can build better relationships, grow your business, and create your own success.”
Ali Brown, entrepreneur mentor and CEO of Ali International

“Want to become a master of communications? Learn how to become more confident, consistent, visionary, passionate, and energetic with Smart Talk. Lisa B. Marshall provides evidence-based strategies and practical techniques that will have an immediate impact on all aspects of your life.”
Antonella Mascia, senior renewals manager UK and IT markets at, Ireland

“The power of Smart Talk lies in its simple, clear, and practical approach. In this handy reference guide, Marshall distills the latest breakthroughs in communication research and presents the tools and techniques to address any communication obstacle you’re likely to face in your daily life.”
Dr. Nick Morgan, communication coach, speaker, and author of Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma

“Working as a global professional in a second language is challenging. Smart Talk teaches techniques to overcome communication challenges and build strong relationships, and provides the confidence to communicate effectively and effortlessly in any business situation.”
Liu “James” Jianping, engineering director at TVU Networks, China

“Smart Talk is a powerful, practical book that every manager needs. From giving feedback, to delivering bad news and dealing with difficult people, to influence and negotiation, it covers all the areas you need to communicate effectively and to navigate communication breakdowns. Best of all, it’s easy to read and you can apply the techniques instantly.”
Dr. Nina Aversano, professor of management and organizational behavior, director of the MBA program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent

“Lisa has written an honest and helpful guide that teaches us all how to be more approachable and successful in every human interaction we experience. Anyone who reads this book will leave with a renewed sense of adventure and at least one new trick to try out. This book is a great teacher.”
C. C. Chapman, author of Amazing Things Will Happen

“No matter if you’re a millionaire or recent graduate, Smart Talk gives you the edge. Th is handy reference guide distills the most recent research in business communication and makes it available to you in an easy-to-read format. With Smart Talk you’ll learn the best techniques to achieve the results you want. Simple,yet so powerful, practical, and effective.”
Jaime Tardy, creator and host of Eventual Millionaire

“Whether you’re a C-level executive or a recent graduate, Smart Talk is for you. This handy reference covers how to give feedback, accept criticism, deal with difficult people, and many other common professional challenges. Put Lisa’s advice into action and you’ll be more successful.”
Keitha Kinne, CFA, CAIA, CIMA, chief operating officer at Managers Investment Group

“Lisa B. Marshall writes in a style that is conversational, fun to read, and helpful for novice and experienced communicators alike. This book takes the best of her podcasts and consolidates them into an easy- to- follow skill- building guide. This is the book I highly recommend to those who are seeking to become effective communicators and smarter talkers!”
Laura Dean Mooney, motivational speaker and former president/spokesperson for Mothers Against Drunk Driving

“Smart Talk is the perfect reference guide for time- starved small business owners. It provides the latest best practices and ideas for communicating effectively with your target customers and employees. Get this must- have resource to become a better business leader.”
Melinda F. Emerson, aka SmallBizLady, CEO of Quintessence Multimedia, Forbes #1 Woman for Entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter, and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months

“Practical and engaging, Smart Talk is a book that will make a difference in your career and your life. Learn how to communicate effectively in every situation from making conversation, to dealing with conflict and difficult people, to influencing others. These skills are a missing foundation piece of our education system.”
David J. Lieberman, Ph.D., bestselling author of Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Be Lied to Again

“The most valuable people in business and life are those who can effectively communicate ideas that move others to action. In Smart Talk, Lisa B. Marshall nails it head on. If you want to unleash your true potential, read this book!”
Jeb Blount, CEO of and author of People Buy You: The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Business

“If you are looking for success that will take you to the moon, Smart Talk is the rocket ship that will get you there.”
Lee Tsao, managing partner at BizTech


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