Picuki: Instagram Editor & Viewer For Insta Stories, Profile, Posts & More

Picuki, also known as the Instagram search tool, can be a powerful tool for finding interesting Instagram content. It is possible to find images and videos from new friends in your area that you can share with them.

Picuki allows you to search photos and people using Hashtags, so you can keep up to date with all the latest Instagram trends.

Picuki: What’s it all about?

Picuki - Instagram Editor and Viewer

Picuki is a free application that gives you the option to explore and edit other people’s Instagram profiles. It is completely anonymous and safe, as you can’t monitor or record what your friends do.

Picuki allows you search for and browse Instagram accounts, photos, hashtags and videos. Picuki allows you to find out who is the most popular Instagram user. This website will never keep any other people’s personal information, including their images and videos.

Picuki is a great tool!

You will need this platform to list your followers, as well as their Instagram hashtags and profiles. Picuki lets you search for multiple people in one place. Picuki will deliver the most effective results if you enter the username of the person you’re looking for.

You may quickly and conveniently check your favourite celebrity’s profile while updating your profile as needed. This great tool allows you to download Instagram stories, and then share them with friends.

Picuki’s most noticeable feature is the ability to explore and access Instagram profiles without logging into Instagram. You can view Instagram photos and watch stories from other accounts without logging in. To view stories without signing in, simply tap the story button.

Editing photos can be done with several tools. These include changing the background or adjusting the brightness. You may also modify the images’ saturation, color, and exposure. It is possible to save your edited image directly to your gallery.

Picuki: How to Use It?

You can use this website or app in one of two ways.

The first method is to look for a public account’s photo or video without logging in to your account by searching their name or user ID.

You can also run a hashtag search of photos and videos in order to see images from celebrities, businesses, or individuals using these hashtags. You don’t have to sign in to search for hashtags, get results, and save as many photographs as you want.

Picuki – Viewing your Instagram Profile

Go to www.Picuki.com.

Select your filter: Profiles, Tags or Locations.

Enter your input – such as a profile name, a current name, a tag, or an area. Press enter to obtain the desired results or click on the search button.

You can select the desired result. You can see all of that account’s news, articles, admirers, and followers.

Picuki Instagram Tags and Posts

To search Instagram photos with a hashtag search, follow the steps below.

Picuki will be open as normal. Next, tap on the search window.

Enter the hashtag you want to search for and then hit the “search button.”

Tap “Labels” to the right of the search results.

Picuki Instagram: Edit your Instagram photos

Picuki offers a straightforward way to edit photos.

While other software is available online, it can’t download Instagram images and videos. It cannot also change any pictures that you saved. Picuki allows you to make changes to your images while they’re still accessible to the public. You can adjust the exposure, color saturation, brightness, contrast, background, brightness and hue of the photos before they are downloaded and saved from Picuki.

Get Instagram Videos and Photos

Picuki is a software that works only in online mode. This platform is not available in an official format for downloading from any app store for smart phones. It is therefore impossible to install and mount the platform on any smart device.

This platform can be accessed via many devices including Android phones and iOS smartphones. Picuki, Instagram and the Picuki platform do not currently have an official mobile app. Picuki on the other hands offers an API that is compatible with any mobile application or website. The API allows users to stream their Instagram profiles on either their website or mobile apps.

View Insta stories 

Picuki makes it easy to access Instagram stories and not have to log in. To access Instagram Stories in just a few seconds, you only have to follow some simple steps. 

Picuki.com allows you to access the profiles of people whose stories interest you via their app or website.

To view the profiles, hit the “Stories” area of the screen.

Click on the Store symbol at the bottom right corner.

You may now watch all of Instagram’s stories without signing in.

Check out the latest Instagram trends 

Picuki is a tool that keeps users informed about the most recent Instagram trends and topics. Picuki is a great tool for keeping up to date with the latest Instagram trends and other trending content. Picuki provides all of Instagram’s trending content and information, such as profiles, tags, etc.

Pros & Cons of Picuki


It is not necessary to register, which means that it is entirely free.

This display displays many people and their materials at once.

You can download hundreds of filters and editing tools for free.

Information about clients can’t be obtained if you don’t provide it.

You can view every Instagram account you have.


The program does not track how often you search for or like things.

Instagram does not allow for the deletion of items.

However, it does not reflect how your account has evolved over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picuki

Picuki’s identity is not known.

You are completely anonymous, according to the website, because “views are invisible to the owner of the profile, your personal data, date and time of your visits are not shown or recorded.”

Picuki: Is it legal?

Picuki’s use is completely safe. This software can be used to search and download photos or videos on Instagram.

Picuki Instagram: How do I edit Instagram photos?

Both the post and the news may be visible from your user profile. To search for specific hashtags or places, you can use the search field. Follow these steps to see the profile.

You’ve reached the Picuki page.

Type the username for the profile that you wish to view.

Prior to you start your search, choose the topic that interests you most, directly or in All.

When the search is finished, choose a suitable profile from the list, and you’re done!


So, Picuki allows you to access and utilize Instagram without using the official Instagram gateway or even if you don’t have an Instagram account. Picuki Instagram can also be used to access Instagram accounts, post and trend information.

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