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Smart talk is not just saying things right, smart talk is saying just the right things! I’ve dedicated my career to helping people manage perceptions, maximize sales, and enhance leadership through improved communication. My company offers professional development in the form of keynote speeches, workshops, books, online training, and podcasts. Through our products and services we help companies improve productivity and stop wasting money due to poor communication.

Smart Talk Podcast.

What do all extraordinarily successful leaders have in common?  Some traits are obvious –  others are not what you might expect! By listening to conversations with extraordinary people you will learn the secret sauce of success and how to apply it to your life. I believe that when you model the mindset, actions, and principles of outstanding leaders, you unleash and amplify the outstanding leader that already exists inside you. You can now listen to my latest episodes of Smart Talk: Inspiring Conversations with Exceptional People

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Lisa B. Marshall is an effective, clear communicator who is capable of teaching one of life’s most important and elusive skills–public speaking…I have been able to apply her tips and suggestions and I can see a big improvement.

F. Wilkinson, PhD
In this handy reference guide, Marshall distills the latest breakthroughs in communication research and presents the tools and techniques to address any communication obstacle you’re likely to face in your daily life.

Dr. Nick Morgan
If you want to build your circle of influence, it’s critical that you master effective communication skills. With Smart Talk, Lisa’s written a practical guide to help you navigate a variety of situations so you can build better relationships, grow your business, and create your own success.Ali Brown
Lisa Marshall’s book gives you a tool kit to get results. One of the most painful things I’ve witnessed is watching people who want to introduce themselves but are held back by their own doubts, by their own perceived lack of personality or anything interesting to say. This is the book I’d like to glue on a stick and hit them over the head with.Christopher S. Penn
The most valuable people in business and life are those who can effectively communicate ideas that move others to action. In Smart Talk, Lisa B. Marshall nails it head on. If you want to unleash your true potential, read this book! Jeb Blount
 Lisa is a dynamic and engaging public speaker, and this book shows you how to be an amazing communicator as well. No business person or educator should be without Smart Talk. Garr Reynolds
Lisa B. Marshall is an expert in Communication and she is passionate about it. She truly understands what matters the most for scientist and researchers both in academia and in the industry.Mathieu Tamby, Ph.D.
I just wanted to thank you very much on your audio book, Ace Your Interview. It helped me secure my job and I still use the tips in my meetings. Great work and outstanding ‘to the point’ guidelines.Osama Alyousif
Smart Talk teaches you to unleash the enchanting person inside you. It will help you end clumsy conversation, pitiful persuasion, and impotent influence.Guy Kawasaki
Lisa B. Marshall’s “Smart Talk” is the kind of book that feels at once fun to read and yet something that requires a pen and note paper. Busy? Not an excuse. Marshall has you covered there, too.Chris Brogan
Depending on your style, you can treat this book as a conversation, as a lecture, as a hands on learning experience, or as a reference book. William S. Jackman
A smart resource for real-life scenarios, Smart Talk teaches you easy ways to have confidence and conviction behind your words.Tracy Davidson
One reason her program was so well received was that her material was fresh and far from generic, as opposed to the material of many vendors with whom I am familiar.Mary Blitzer Field
Too many good people fail to get the right job because they don’t know how to prepare for the interview. This short, but powerful audio book can help change that.Michael J Medlock
I enjoyed Lisa’s sense of humor and real life examples. It was clear that she had a great deal of experience.M. Richter
She brings an enthusiasm, a skill and a knowledge of science unequaled to those in the same field…the results have been dramatic. Mary Anne Timmins
Lisa B. Marshall’s insightful, tight, and well delivered book gives points novices or experts will readily want to implement.Ken Flowe, MD
Deep and wide, yet beautifully simple, it’s a fantastic read. Should be required reading for every graduating student. Garr Reynolds
The book will help you prepare, give, and evaluate your speaking; both public and private; as well as help you understand what others are both trying to say and not say.William S. Jackman
Enjoyable and went quickly.  Great energy and control.  Excellent organization. Interactive. G. Gomez
Very good!! Entertaining and very informative!! I appreciate your passion!! A. Karna

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Listen to the podcast Sponsors I invite you to show your support for Lisa and this free podcast by visiting the sponsor links and...

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Listen to the Podcast Sponsors I invite you to show your support for Lisa and this free podcast by visiting the sponsor links and...

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Sponsors I invite you to show your support for Lisa and this free podcast by visiting the sponsor links and checking out the products...

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