11 Babysitting Jobs For 13-Year-Olds That Pay Handsomely

People start working as a hustler at an early age. It’s common and should be encouraged by parents because it allows teens to become financially strong and independent and make good money decisions in the long run.

Of all the popular after-school and teenage jobs, babysitting has been the most sought-after. You can be sure your kids will feel safe and responsible, as well as earning a regular income.

The days of asking their neighbors for help are long gone. There are now many options online that make it easy for teens to find good babysitting positions.

This article will cover all aspects of babysitting, including how to get started with reputable websites.

What is the best age to start a job as a babysitter?

It is not unusual to be skeptical when you consider a job as a babysitter for 13-year olds. You need to recognize that the times are changing. Because of the power and reach of the internet, children are more autonomous than ever.

Yes, 13 year olds can easily get babysitting jobs if their parents or guardians verify their application. RedCross even offers CPR, Childcare or Babysitting courses for kids aged 11 and over. These numbers show that 13-year olds can get a job babysitting.

Is it fair to charge babysitting fees?

Babysitting can be a lucrative and competent career option for both teens and adults, regardless of what your perception is. You might make more in some instances than you earn if you have relevant experience and certifications that support the fees you ask for.

An hourly rate for a babysitter is between $3-$15. This includes professional certifications, licensing, and optimal skills. It is an excellent way to influence your children’s behavior by obtaining a First Aid and CPR certificate.

Keep in mind that babysitting rates are generally determined by how many kids are being seated. You should set a minimum rate to get started. With a lot of years experience you may be able to charge $5-8 per hour for each child.

If you need to watch more kids at the same time, the base rate can be increased. The base rate is $12 to $15 per hour for two kids. This will increase as more children are sat in the same place.

We recommend that you start with just one to two children when you turn 13 and are looking for a side-hustle after school. It can become overwhelming to manage too many children.

A babysitter’s type of services can affect their hourly rate. If the baby requires special care, you can increase your hourly rate.

What can you do to make more money babysitting

When it comes to babysitting, your employer (the kid’s parents) is likely paying for your service to look after their child. This could include keeping their child company and making sure they get to bed on time.

There are several ways to make extra money while babysitting. These are just a few of the options.

  • Take the initiative to cook dinner for your babysitter
  • Bring them to the park and let them play
  • Assist the child with cleaning up (picking up toys, folding laundry, etc.).
  • Helping the children to learn and participate in educational activities.

Besides doing these add-on services, we’d recommend that you willingly do some extra work around the house, especially when starting as a newbie in the market. You will be able to build a reputation and earn extra money in your local community by doing this.

What do Babysitters actually Do?

Babysitting is a job that many people think is easy. That’s not the case. A babysitting job involves a lot of activities, some that are included in the base rate and others that are considered “add-on” services.

Below is a complete list of services that a babysitter can provide:

  • Taking care of the child’s needs and safety
  • Prepare food and feed the child
  • Assisting children with their homework
  • Playing with your children in activities and games
  • Assisting with diaper changes and taking care of the babies’ needs
  • Do your laundry and wash up
  • Take care of the kids by bathing them and dressing them
  • You can take the kids with you to activities such as parks and dance classes.
  • Clean up after cleaning the baby bottles

Additional responsibilities may be required, which can be discussed with the employer. Charges should be based on how many services are provided by a babysitter.

For 13-Year Olds, Babysitting Sites

We mentioned in the beginning that the Internet has made it much easier to get babysitting positions. There is no need to go door-to-door asking for work.

We will be mentioning websites that offer weekend, part-time and after-school babysitting. Make sure you carefully read through the job description and choose a position that is most convenient for you and that would suit your family’s needs.

Safety and caution are important for 13-year olds. Talk to your parents first before you begin.

Part-Time Baby-Sitting Websites

These websites can be a great resource for anyone who is able to babysit, particularly during summer vacations.

1. Take care

Care.com is a leading website in babysitting. It has been around for years and hosts listing for babysitting jobs and even for senior care and pet sitting if that’s something you are on the hunt for.

The website is available in all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom. The user is responsible for the payment collection and screening once they have signed up. The website doesn’t take any responsibility regarding those clauses.

2. BabySits

Babysits is an online platform for finding babysitter jobs. The website is available in the United States as well the UK. You can also apply from the place you reside. It now also offers services in Japan.

This website is used mainly by parents working and wanting to make sure their children are well taken care of. The good thing about the website is that they don’t charge any extra commission for the mediation. Employer and babysitter are free to negotiate terms and conditions that suit them.

3. Sitter

Another popular website for babysitting is Sitter. It’s available in the United States as well as Canada. You can also use it for senior and pet care.

Accessibility is one of the best things about this site. They have an open-sourced job board, so you won’t have to create a profile to apply for the jobs.

4. Bambino

Bambino is the only babysitting service that operates exclusively in the United States. One of the main reasons behind its growing popularity is the website’s user interface. The website’s user interface is well-organized. It also has a filter that lets users narrow down jobs according to their location, state, or other criteria.

A 13-year-old can search much more easily. You will also need an invitation from an existing user to use the recommendation-based app. This ensures the credibility and authenticity of all users.

After-school Babysitting Websites

A few sites offer babysitting jobs that can be done after school. The websites provide jobs that last for just a couple of hours and are ideal for 13-year olds looking to make a little extra money after school.

5. Sittercity

Sittercity.com is another well-known and popular website that operates in all 50 states. The website offers both full-time and part-time babysitting jobs. It also has after-school opportunities that can be very beneficial for 13-year olds looking to become regular babysitters.

It is also the most popular job board. This means any job that is available is posted immediately so interested candidates can view it and apply. But ideally, we’d recommend you run your background checks since the website won’t do that for you.

6. Juggling

Juggle, another fantastic site that can be used for babysitting after school is also an option. Juggle is a US-based website that is extremely popular with the young generation. This includes college students and recent graduates.

For access to the job postings on the website you must create a profile.

7. Volunteer Assistance

Helpr, a website that offers high-paying and high-end babysitting positions, is highly recommended. To be able to submit your profile, you will need some references and experience. You will also need to have a CPR certificate in order to use this platform.

Helpr also offers a competitive rate of pay when compared with many other accessory babysitting sites. You can also get cancellation and sick leave protection.

8. BabySittersNow

BabySittersNow, another well-known website offering babysitting services for students after school hours is also available. BabySittersNow is very popular and trustworthy. However, applicants need to register for $25 in order to begin on the website.

Parents who wish to list their shares are free on the site. This means the job board has an inflow of available jobs for sitters.

Weekend Babysitting Jobs

A 13-year-old might want to be an entrepreneur, but have enough time for family and friends. You might consider weekend babysitting as an option.

These are just a handful of the many available from the following websites.

9. SOS Sitter

SOS Sitter, a platform that helps 13-year olds find babysitting work online, will help you to be safe and cautious. To ensure safety, their platform conducts background checks of babysitters and job applicants.

You must also pass a background check before you can draw the payment. It’s part of their protocol. However, the website charges an additional 12% per job that you receive. This can sometimes be frustrating for people.

10. Seeking Sitters

To help parents who work, Seeking Sitters was created. You can also search for pet or home-sitting jobs on the website. You can also search for weekends babysitting jobs as a thirteen-year-old.

Babysitters must apply. This means that background checks will need to be done before they hire you. You may be restricted from using your phone or wearing uniforms.

11. Urban Sitter

Urban Sitter is last on our list. It is another well-known babysitting site in America. This website offers flexibility, which is its greatest asset. This website allows babysitters to set their own hourly rates and retain 100% of their earnings. It is very impressive.

You will also need to pass a verification procedure in order to be able babysitter.


Starting a job as a babysitter at the age of 13 isn’t a farfetched thought. Today’s teenagers are always working hard to make ends meet and move towards financial independence. If you’re on the same path, check out these sites to get a job in babysitting that is secure, high-paying, and reliable.

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