11 Habits to Achieving Greatness in Your Life

What makes certain people different from other people? Are you aware of the habits that are necessary to reach greatness? Are you curious as to why leaders are more successful than others? Answer to these questions: They have unique ways of thinking and use unconventional strategies and practices.

You can turn ordinary people into extraordinary people and extraordinary persons into inspiration by a set of habits. If you are able to understand these habits and how you apply them, you will unlock your potential for greatness. Below is a list of tools, habits and techniques you can use to make your mark. 

1. Get up early

Get up at 5 AM to be productive. This is like starting from scratch. It is a time of total peace and tranquility. You don’t find any distractions. You can focus well when you don’t have any distractions. This allows you to plan and organize your time so that your actions can be executed efficiently.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly. Spend time going to the gym, walking or doing meditation. To energize your body, you must walk for at least 30 minutes. You can lift your spirits, and your brain can be stimulated by exercise. Regular exercise maintains an appetite, promotes healthy movement and gives you sound sleep. 

These are three signs of healthy health. Invest your time in maintaining your health. Healthy people can face any type of challenge and still come out victorious.

3. Your heart is your guide

Follow your passions. Unfortunately, people follow others’ passions and fail miserably. For you to make a difference in your life, it is important that you identify and capitalize on your strengths. Your passion can lead you to higher heights. 

When you work in your passionate areas, you don’t know how you spent your time and life. Your work doesn’t become boring but it becomes inspiring thus getting the best out of it. People chase their money and end up failing because they don’t follow their passions. You will find that your passions are what make you rich.

4. Acquire attitude

Many studies were done over the past century to find out what makes successful people so extraordinary.  Research showed the most important thing was your attitude. Your attitude is what determines your success. If you are positive and have the right attitude, people will support you. Employers prefer attitude over experience during employment interviews.

5. You can visualize yourself

Learn the power and benefits of visualization. You can visualize your success. Visualize yourself as a success. It is rightly said that a battle is won twice — first in mind and second in reality. 

This means that you’ll first create a mental script and then write the actual script. Visualization is key to great success. Visualize yourself in the position you wish to go.

“Man’s greatness lies in his power of thought.” – Blaise Pascal

6. With positive affirmations, Equip

You must always visualize positive affirmations.  As positive affirmations can be likened to goal setting, they will improve your outlook and your ability to see the good in others. They can help you keep your eyes on the prize and better manage your time. Because you are more optimistic, they can increase your life expectancy. 

It is up to you to decide whether success or failure. Your thoughts can lead to action. Your thoughts and actions will reflect your positive attitude.  

7. Your biological clock

Each human being is different and you have the ability to discover your biological clock. You can also call it ‘moods’. At some time in the day, every human being is creative and productive. Understanding when you’re most productive will help you accomplish your goals and make the right decisions. 

This is when you feel your mind and body connect and form amazing chemistry. If you know the best time of day to read a book and then read it, you will be able to absorb the information quickly. It will allow you to use it efficiently and have great success. 

Therefore, rather than reading for 10 hours at once, or at an inefficient time of day, you can easily achieve your desired results by reading one hour per day when you are most productive.

8. You can strengthen your subconscious mind

Our subconscious minds operate at 95 percent and our conscious mind only at 5 percent. Positive commands can help you strengthen your subconscious mind. Research shows that our subconscious brain switches off when we go to bed and the conscious mind goes to sleep. However, our subconscious mind continues to function and entertains us throughout the night. 

The last 30 seconds of our night are what we will replay fifteen to seventeen times. You can see the value of giving orders and instructions about how you wish to live your life. Daily give instructions to your children before they go to sleep to ensure you win Nobel Prize. 

Doing so consistently will strengthen your subconscious mind. You start to think differently and make changes in your behaviour to reach your goals.

9. Increase your concentration

You can increase your concentration by lighting a candle in darkened rooms. You will notice a marked improvement in your concentration after you have done this practice for several days.

10. Use your inner dialogue effectively

All human beings have dialogue within themselves throughout the waking hours which is known as ‘inner dialogue’ or ‘self-talk’. If you can use this effectively, it is the most powerful. However, it becomes a noise when you don’t listen to others during the conversation. It can be used effectively all day long by thinking or practicing positive things. To achieve great success, you can use your inner dialog during travel and leisure.

11. Scribble and then burn the paper

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of unpleasant events and experiences. Here’s a way to get rid of these unpleasant experiences. Write down negative thoughts or anger on paper. Writing on paper allows you to vent your emotions and helps you get rid of negative thoughts and people. You put an end the negative people and thoughts by burning them. 

The human mind is powerful, and it must be used effectively. These habits can be mastered and you will find your inner power and potential to make a difference in your life.

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