17 Best Chrome Extensions for Quick Search on The Internet

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Do you wish that you could alter your web browser? You might want to remove ads and find the most up-to date contacts, emails, and browse through different search engines simultaneously. Google Chrome Web Browser is a popular browser worldwide. You can modify most features and functions of it with Chrome extensions.

This article will cover everything about Chrome Extensions and the reasons why they are important.

SignalHire Extension allows you to find up-to date, verified emails and numbers in large quantities. You can use the technology to find valid professional and personal email numbers and phones.

2. Amazing Hiring

AmazingHiring Chrome allows you view both the social footprints and professional background of applicants. It is your go-to free sourcing partner, enabling you to locate anyone's profile across multiple resources.

3. Hello Talent

It is also a great tool for recruiters. You can search the internet for qualified candidates and upload them to the Hello Talent Google Chrome Extension.

4. Calendly

Calendly allows you to be productive while staying on time. Calendly can be integrated with both your corporate and personal calendars, which will save you time and make it easier to meet people from outside of your company. Calendly eliminates the need for back and forth emails. You can easily communicate with your invitees, agreeing on the best time and arranging your meetings.

5. Only Read

Just Read can be used to view web content. It is possible to block popups and advertisements. You can also remove comments and modify a webpage’s styling. Just Read offers the option to choose from dark and white themes. You can also print the article in your own style.

Just Read doesn’t collect any data by default. Just Read saves your email address only when you make an account. This makes it secure and safe to use.

6. The Great Suspender

For staying organized when searching the web, The Great Suspender Chrome Extension is an extension. The Great Suspender optimizes memory by suspending tabs which you are not using. This helps to keep you productive while staying organized.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome for Chrome can help you reduce spelling errors and grammar mistakes in your writing. Grammarly not only highlights grammar and spelling mistakes but also offers suggestions for fixing them.

8. Wikiwand

Wikipedia provides great information. Its interface makes it difficult to find this information. Wikiwand, a Chrome extension, transforms the interface. It provides great typography and an easy-to-read table of contents.

9. Headline Studio

It is essential that you have catchy headlines to grab people’s attention. Use this Chrome extension to increase your traffic and draw people to your website. The Chrome extension analyzes and enhances your headlines.

10. TinEye Reverse Image

You can find the original source, purpose and location of larger-resolution images. TinEye is a reverse image search engine that allows you to search images.

TinEye is able to find exact matches unlike other image search engines. It can even detect photos that have been altered or cropped. The Chrome extension can be used to verify images, license them, or give attribution.

11. You can search all

Have you ever wondered how many search engines could be searched simultaneously? This Chrome extension allows you to do just that. It’s easy to install and then follow the instruction.

12. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot CRM is compatible with Gmail, which allows you to find more leads faster. You can also communicate with leads, close deals quicker and manage all of your contacts from one place. It is easy to get started.

13. Last Pass

Have you ever struggled to remember passwords? The Chrome extension will save your passwords and save you the effort of trying to remember them all. It will make you more productive, and also less frustrating.

14. CloudApp

CloudApp makes it easy to record and capture your screen. These screenshots and videos can then be easily shared on CloudApp. To communicate with coworkers and team members, visuals are a great way to use.

15. Keywords Anywhere

Keywords Everywhere can be used for SEO and keyword research. When you install the extension, you see monthly search volume, CPC & competition data on multiple websites for your desired keywords.

16. Amazing Screenshot

Another screenshot tool is Awesome Screenshot. You can also take screen shots and then edit them with the screenshot editor. You can even export your results to any other image format you prefer (PNG and JPEG).

17. StayFree

You should limit the amount of time spent on sites that are time-consuming and distracting. You can easily get distracted while doing an important task on the internet. StayFree can help you be productive and avoid distractions. This time-tracking tool is simple and efficient.

Entrepreneurship Life: 17 best Chrome extensions for quick search on the Internet

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