2022 Guide to Protecting Your Small Business

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Recent years have seen a significant transformation in the business and commerce worlds. Although tech is undoubtedly changing all aspects of our lives it also has upended established business practices. This has led to a new era of productivity, connectivity and efficiency.

The seemingly constant adoption of technology in business, from ecommerce shopping platforms to Big Data analytics and increasing use of Artificial Intelligence, has made the commerce world almost impossible to recognize compared to two decades ago. This presents both opportunities and challenges.

Tech’s double-edged sword

Today’s internet and associated tech are opening up markets and leveling playing fields in ways never before possible, allowing even the smallest of companies to compete with much larger, far more established firms. While the connected world offers enormous potential for businesses of any size, there are significant risks associated with cyberattacks or malicious data breaches.

Many of the technologies that help companies grow and expand are also a target for hackers who seek to hack into weaknesses and steal information. To make matters worse, existing real-world threats have also exploded in recent years as the world has become more and more reliant on computers and data – crimes include credit card fraud, identity theft and even stealing physical devices to gain access to systems. 

You can protect your business today by taking these steps

There is no perfect way to ensure the safety of your company. However, there are sensible measures you can take now that will protect your business and its employees as well as your data.

Make sure you are covered by adequate insurance

Although no security system is perfect, it’s possible to have comprehensive business insurance. Choosing the right business insurance will mean you’re covered for all eventualities, whether you suffer the real-world theft of business equipment or fall victim to one of the multiple dangers that lurk online.

You can install security cameras at your home

At a minimum, you should already have locking systems on all doors and windows – plus some form of motion-activated CCTV cameras at your premises. If you are looking to take things a step further, consider installing biometric security systems linked to mobile apps. These can help monitor employees’ movements around the building. There are many security options available today to help protect your assets.

Transfer all of your digital services over to the cloud

The constant threat from cyberattacks is currently the most serious risk to Small to Medium-sized Enterprises. If you’re like the majority of firms, data likely forms the backbone of much of your services and client interactions and is an essential part of each working day. Indeed, data has become of such importance in both our personal and business lives that many industry experts now suggest it is the world’s most valuable commodity. You can give your data the best protection, as well as any client information, by outsourcing your IT and networking needs to professional cloud service providers that offer unparalleled protection and security 24 hours a day.

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