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3 Tips For Protecting And Caring For Tile Flooring In Your Home

If you have tile flooring that you’re worried about properly maintaining and ensuring that it looks great for years to come without having to worry about fixing broken tiles or replacing the entire flooring, there are a few things that you should know about caring for your tiles. By doing these things, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your tiles looking and feeling great in the flooring throughout your entire home.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for protecting and caring for tile flooring in your home. 

Be Careful With Outdoor Shoes

To keep your tile looking great, you’ll want to avoid having things on the tile that will scratch or scuff it. And to best accomplish this, you’ll want to keep dirt and other debris from getting on your tile flooring in the first place.

To best do this, it’s wise to have everyone take their shoes off when they enter your home. This way, anything that may be on the bottom of the shoes won’t be brought too far into the home and have a chance of scratching or scuffing the floor. 

Along with this, you can and should also put doormats and other covering on your tile flooring that’s close to any exterior doors. This will help debris from shoes and other items get off on the mats and rugs rather than being tracked into the house. 

Clean Your Floors Regularly

Even with your best effort to keep outside dirt and debris off of your tile flooring, other things can fall onto your tile flooring that could harm it and could lower the value of your home and property as a result. But if you commit to cleaning your floors regularly, you can minimize this as an issue. 

To properly clean your tile flooring, it’s best to start with dry cleaning them to remove any grit and debris that may have accumulated there. This way, when you use a wet cleaning solution, you won’t be rubbing the debris around on the tile and potentially causing scratches. 

Take Care With Heavy Items

The way you place things on your tile flooring can also impact the integrity of your tiles. Because if you place items that are too heavy on tile, it could break or crack the tiles, which will result in you having to repair or replace them. 

To keep this from happening, you’ll want to be very careful with what you place down on your tiles. If you do have something heavy that you’re needing to place down, like a couch, piano, or other piece of furniture, you’ll want to use something like wood, platforms, or other protectors to help distribute the weight of that item and keep the tile from buckling under the weight. 

If you want to best protect and care for your tile flooring so that the tiles don’t get scratched or broken, consider implementing the tips mentioned above to help you in maintaining this type of flooring. 

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