5 Foundational Pillars for a Successful Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Bob Schlegel, author of Entrepreneurs and Angels: How to Start Your Business, and Ride the Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship joins Enterprise Radio. Bob shares lessons from the journey of being an entrepreneur.

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Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Bob Schlegel discuss the following:

  1. P.E.P. was a topic you frequently mentioned. You often mention P.E.P.
  2. Which is the most important lesson you’ve learned over all of your years in business?
  3. Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who are just beginning their careers? Is it better to start or purchase your first business?
  4. How can you navigate the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship?
  5. Lifestyle – you call it a choice?
  6. You have experienced financial hardships and setbacks throughout your entrepreneurial career in the landscape materials and senior retirement centers. Please describe one of these experiences and explain how you managed to overcome the difficulties.
  7. Your book Angels and entrepreneurs you described yourself as a less-than-enthusiastic student. What was your secret to success?
  8. How important are these 4 foundational pillars to a life of success as an entrepreneur?
  9. Talk about why you think it’s important to treat your largest competitor as an important partner.
  10. How do you align your business and your values, and what’s an example of the benefit you get from doing so?

Bob SchlegelMyrna, his wife and business partner was raised in humble circumstances in small Ontario, Canada farming communities. They founded their first family company, PeopleCare Heritage Centers. This grew into 15 centers in Canada and the U.S. Later, Schlegel and a partner launched Pavestone Company, which became the nation’s leading supplier of concrete landscaping products. Today, the Schlegels own both companies and are active in many new ventures and charitable endeavors. Bob’s new book, Angels and Entrepreneurs: A Lifestyle Formula for Starting Your Own Business and Riding the Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship (SAVIO Republic, Feb. 22, 2022), shares the lessons learned from navigating the life of an entrepreneur.

Website: https://bobschlegelauthor.com

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