5 Fundamental Principles That Guarantee Success

Have you ever found yourself either marveling at someone else’s success or emotionally breaking down, wondering why your time hasn’t come yet?

Maybe you’ve told yourself that you gave that new project your all. You might have lost interest or stopped caring about your new business venture. Perhaps the universe is showing you signs to let go of your previous business venture after several defeats. Sometimes we’re left wondering if success is even in the cards for us.

Yes, the exterior looks great, but we often only see the polished, final products of those we admire. The factors that led to these extraordinary outcomes are often forgotten.

The following article will cover the five essential principles of success. They will ensure you achieve success when applied fully.

These 5 Principles Will Guarantee Your Success

  1. Your life should be ruled by good habits
  2. Persist without ceasing
  3. Every day is a new beginning.
  4. Be a better version you
  5. Get immediate help

1. Your life should be ruled by good habits

Knowing that you should take two hours breaks in between goals and work is dangerous, we also know that time-wasting tasks such as spending days choosing the perfect color scheme for your website are time-wasters that will result in no tangible results.

If you want to succeed in business or at any goals or objectives you’ve set, you first must develop good habits that rule your life. For any business to succeed, good habits will be key. These habits help you stay consistent and focused when working toward a goal.

You can develop proper habits for achieving success, but taking complete account of what you aim to accomplish and assessing what you’re currently doing may be counterproductive in your pursuit of success.

Decide what’s essential for reaching your goals and start developing habits that eventually happen on autopilot without consciously thinking about them. Here are some examples of healthy habits:

  • Wake up before the rest
  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Read self-improvement literature
  • Mindfulness can be practiced or meditated upon.
  • Goal setting and planning

These are only a few of the many examples. However, good habits can help you keep track of your goals and stay focused, which is crucial for success.

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.” – John D. Rockefeller Jr.

2. Persist without ceasing

This one is significant. You could list it at the top. Your ultimate success is built on persistence.

Let’s face it – life is full of challenges on the business and personal side. We’re either hit with dozens of no’s, don’t have enough financing to fund our businesses, or may have underestimated the amount of marketing and work that goes into gaining traction for a new product or service we’re offering.

We have two options in times such as these: Resign or Persist.

It’s staggering how many people opt to retreat; on the surface, it’s hard to blame them. No one likes failure, and it can feel like punishment every time we hit a wall when someone tells us to know or the momentum for your project or business is growing at a snail’s pace.

We often don’t give ourselves enough time to endure these challenging times, not realizing that we’re usually just three feet from gold. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the rich didn’t get rich overnight. Their riches came after painstaking behind-the-scenes work that many didn’t have the opportunity to see happening.

As long as your business venture is sound and there’s a demand for what your offering, it’s imperative that you strive to maintain an unrelenting sense of persistence. Persistence will help you get over any hiccups and make you a success story.

Unfulfillment, regret, and dissatisfaction are the alternatives. Don’t let the pain of “no” and the slow grinding process stop you from moving forward. Do not be afraid to cry if necessary. You’ll soon find that your tears of sorrow are transformed into tears of joy as positive results start to take shape and block out any thought about the pain you once suffered to get to where you now stand proudly.

3. Every day is a new beginning.

We get so caught up in thinking about what might happen tomorrow or yesterday that we forget to live in the moment. To achieve entrepreneurial success, we need to focus our energy on what we can control – each moment in the present.

You should be able to plan for the future but not fret about the unknown. Your energy should be focused on achieving tasks that will increase your chance of positive outcomes tomorrow. Stressing about how many conversions you’ll get on an ad campaign you plan to launch tomorrow will do you no good.

To give you the most advantage, make sure that your title, call to action, and landing page are correct. Everything else will fall into place as it should if you give your best effort and act as if it’s your last chance to do your best work.

Don’t let fear, procrastination, or doubt disrupt your progression. Drop the thoughts overpowering your mind about what you did wrong today or what may go wrong tomorrow and instead give today the best version of you that you have as if you won’t have another chance to do so.

4. Be a better version you

Another key ingredient to success is self-improvement. There’s always more to learn and new ways to improve in life. It is important to set limits on how much you can grow. Sure, you may have been a lead project manager for two decades and think that you’ve reached your peak or that there’s nothing more to learn.

Maybe new systems or technology have evolved over time to help you improve your abilities and produce better products. You’ll never know unless you’re constantly pursuing to become a better version of yourself. You should make self-improvement a part of every day. This will allow you to go further than you ever thought possible.

5. Get immediate help

Productivity is affected by analysis paralysis. Instead of spending time analysing how to accomplish something, spend less time doing it. You can make a huge mistake by procrastinating and not putting in enough practice. You may end up inaction and more dreaming than you do. You can learn quickly how to achieve your goals and improve upon what you already have. You must get moving and take action!


While the principles above may sound simple, they are rarely used. Your success will be assured if you stick to these rules and resist the urges to quit.

Addicted 2 Success originally published 5 Fundamental Principles to Guarantee Success.

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