5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Retain Clients

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If you decide you want to try and make it as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to figure out which niche interests you. You’ll need the right training and probably the proper mentorship as well. If you have the right business idea and execute it properly, you will be able to establish your company and begin the journey towards wealth and notoriety.

If you operate a business that needs clients, you’ll want to land some good ones as soon as possible. They can be a great asset to your company as you establish yourself in your market.

Let’s talk about some ways that you can retain the clients that you attract. That is why you need to be solvent in order to stay ahead of the rest.

Send the right gifts to your clients

If you run a company like Amazon, where people buy things from your corporation, and you send them through the mail, you won’t get to know each customer personally. Many customers won’t buy large or expensive items from you. You won’t need to get them any corporate gifts.

Clients who order thousands of dollars worth of merchandise should be able to establish personal connections with you. When it comes to retaining clients, luxury corporate gifts can do the job more times than not. Based on your knowledge about each client, you can determine what they might enjoy.

You might offer to give your client tickets for sports and concerts. A client might be offered a bottle or pass to a prestigious golf course, or both.

If you can send the right gift during the holiday season or for a client’s birthday, they’ll likely keep using your company. Sometimes, this can mean that clients will continue to use your company for tens of thousands or more dollars each year.

Offer the best products and services

If you don’t provide the best possible services or products, you likely can’t retain your clients. As an entrepreneur and company head, you must ensure that you’re competing within your niche. You might offer similar products or services to other companies, so you need to do everything you can in order for your company’s success.

You can use your research and development team to make sure your products last longer, and they’re made from better materials. Your company should be proud of their effectiveness and efficiency.

You should deliver the exact services that a client expects. If you can do this every time, there’s no reason why they should ever go with a competitor. You can count on their financial support and loyalty for years to come. Steady customers are able to keep you business afloat in times of financial hardship.

Provide excellent customer service and be there for them

If you make a product or service that’s virtually the same or very similar to another company’s offerings, you need something that sets you apart and keeps a client coming back. Client retention is often affected by great customer service and availability.

Let’s say that a client always buys their products from you. Perhaps you make a specific machine part for the client that they use to create their products. The client becomes extremely valuable to your company if you sell this part at a rate of thousands.

You must let them know that you value their business and that you’re there for them 100% of the time if anything goes wrong or they ever feel unhappy about what you provide. Give them your private phone number and tell them to contact you if that’s ever necessary.

If they fail to do so, provide a phone number or contact information that can be reached immediately to address customer concerns or questions. If your client knows that you’ll spring into action the second they need something in your power to give, they should stick with you. They should feel valued and loyal.

Create a personal connection

We spoke earlier about Amazon’s business model. Although many customers use Amazon for their home shopping, few people ever meet with anyone at the company. Why would they, if they’re simply buying one or two items that an anonymous driver drops off at their door?

Entrepreneurs who want to retain clients will find themselves in the opposite position. They’ll likely get to meet and talk with the biggest clients in person, learning all they know about them.

Before meeting with someone, you need to understand their needs. It is important to know the name of your client, their marital status and hobbies. You will instantly show your appreciation for them if you can tell them all about them during your first meeting.

It might be necessary to take some time with this client. You might need to get to know the personality of your client and build a relationship with them. You might be asked by big spenders to dine with them before you give your company a large contract.

Do the extra mile

Entrepreneurs know that a few key clients can make or break their business model. You should make it a priority to retain and get those clients. You will have to do things that are not possible for clients with smaller budgets for VIP clients.

These clients are important and you must take steps to ensure their happiness. Perhaps you send a limousine to collect a client or potential customer at the airport, if they come to meet with you to discuss new products. You might send a private plane to get them and bring them to you if they don’t want to fly commercial.

You might accompany them to one of the world’s biggest sporting events if they express an interest. If your network is strong enough, you can help them get an interview at their preferred university. Anything you can think of to go that extra mile and keep that client isn’t off-limits.


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