5 Ways to Ditch the Resolution in 2022 and Create the Solution

Millions upon millions have made resolutions to start the New Year.  Many will be looking to lose weight while others want more money or get rid of bad habits.  Google’s definition of resolution as “the decision to do or not do” is found in the Google search.

The second definition was that of a solution to a problem or dispute.  I would almost bet that for those who will be declaring a New Year resolution for 2022, haven’t put significant thought to the steps that they will need to take to see their resolution to its logical conclusion.

This past year was an incredible year of learning for me.  This year was a huge learning and discovery year for me. I have discovered many things about myself.  It is the reason I decided to jump on board the new years solution train instead of making new resolutions.

The same Google search defines solution as the process of solving or managing a problem.  It seems that many people run through their lives with the hope of just making it. Many are living paycheck-to-paycheck and are willing to give up one thing to get another.  

Although many may disagree, my personal belief is that it makes a difference to have a different resolution each year. The calculated steps that are taken to achieve the desired outcome or new start and move on instead of trying to break a bad habit.  

These are my top five tips to help you make 2022 a successful year.:

1.Get Clear on Your Goals

Goal setting is essential. Although many will say they have set them up, you should write them down so that you can look at them each day.  You will be more successful in solving your problems if you keep them on hand.  

Make sure your goals serve you and are not for others.  It’s important to know that the more realistic you get with the goals you want to achieve, the more realistic others will get around you in terms of helping you get there.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

2. Limit Your Circle Of Influence

Reduce the number of people you consider confidants.  My biggest problem last year was not being able to focus on my goal. Then I tried to move on to bigger goals.  It was also apparent that I was too dependent on mentors. I joined too many group to learn, help, and guide me.  

It was a trap. Too many voices are a distraction and not a way to help anyone who is trying to make a difference.  Get clear on your identity and goals. Next, build a supportive circle that can help you achieve them.

3.Make a habit of consistency

Everybody should strive to be consistent in their new year.   It shows diligence, professionalism, and an overall sense of dedication to one’s self.  Your muscle memory will be built through consistent action every day. It will not produce short term wins. But it will help build the blueprint for long term success.

You can build trust and confidence in yourself and your colleagues by being consistent in your activities and daily life.  This won’t be pretty, and will sometimes be boring, but it will pay off in the bigger picture down the road.

4. Prioritize Your “Needs” First

Too many people have a “wish” list or a want-to-have vision board.  These things can be great but they don’t solve immediate problems or aren’t necessary.  That is why, in my opinion, every year the majority of resolutions are those that weren’t fulfilled from previous years.  

Many of you have tried to stop smoking and are trying to shed weight.  Are you making resolutions to save money, or get a better car?  What do you really need? More money, or a new car.  Let’s get more specific.  Are you looking to earn a million or just a few thousand dollars?  

Prioritizing your primary needs first will help you keep your eyes on the important things and laser-see your attention.  It’s not a bad thing to want big and fancy things in life, but if you are truly trying to create a better life then its the needs that must be accomplished first.

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.” – Bruce Lee

5.Take it personal

Do you desire to have an effect? Do you want to make a difference?  How can you effectively do that if you haven’t accomplished your goals first?  It is very difficult to speak to someone who has not made one million.  It hit me as he said to me that I need to focus my efforts on making my first million before discussing how others can make their second.  

If you are a bit selfish or personal in your goals, it will increase confidence and help to strengthen your outlook. It is said that you alone can be of assistance. But, you will find true guidance that can make your journey easier if you’re honest about your goals.

You don’t have to rewrite the story or make the same resolutions every year.  Do not wait for the next year before making changes or improving your life.  

Get serious about solving your problems and developing habits of change because you are ditching a new year resolution for finding the solutions to those things that have held you back from achieving all you’ve always wanted to achieve.

How will you make 2019 the most memorable yet? Please share your ideas below.

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