50 Awesome Liam Neeson Quotes To Never Forget

Liam Neeson (William John Neeson) is Northern Irish actor in Hollywood, playing memorable roles in movies such as Star Wars, Taken, Schindler’s List, The Grey, Batman Begins, The A-Team, and many more! Take a look at his 50 life and career quotes.

See these inspirational quotes from Liam Neeson regarding his acting career, and personal life.

Below are 50 inspiring quotes by Liam Neeson

1. “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you become something else entirely.” – Liam Neeson

2. “I think I survived by running away some. Running away to work.” – Liam Neeson

3. “Acting with creatures that aren’t there is kind like acting with an actor who refuses to come out of his trailer. You still have to go on and do the scene.” – Liam Neeson

4. “It’s an ongoing joy being a dad.” – Liam Neeson

5. “I keep fit as much as I can.” – Liam Neeson

6. “Always mind your surroundings.” – Liam Neeson

7. “In real life, wolves will do anything to avoid contact with mankind.” – Liam Neeson

8. “Well, from an acting point of view, I bear no relation, I don’t look like Alfred Kinsey at all, but I thought somewhere in my artist’s soul, my actor’s soul, I could capture something of the spirit of the man.” – Liam Neeson

9. “The Irish Catholic side was married to the life of an actor and I found out acting could be a form of prayer.” – Liam Neeson

10. “Everybody’s replaceable. – Liam Neeson



11. “I do believe at the end of the night when you’re with your family, the character gets hung up on the door like a coat, and is there to be taken on the next morning.” – Liam Neeson


12. “It is fun to explore these kick-butt characters.” – Liam Neeson

13. “No matter what anyone says, don’t trust them.” – Liam Neeson

14. “I don’t subscribe to coincidence. I believe that no matter how random things might appear, there’s still a plan.” – Liam Neeson

15. “I will never become a director or a movie producer. I was always looking at picture directing because I didn’t know what to do! You can’t be a movie director without real preparation.” – Liam Neeson

16. “Making a film, you do need stamina, whether you’re doing fight scenes or not. It’s important to keep fit. I’m not talking about having perfect abs and stuff, but you’ve got to be on top of your game, especially if you’re playing the lead. You have to look after yourself.” – Liam Neeson

17. “You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be.” – Liam Neeson


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19. “You think your life is going one way and then suddenly, you’re on another track.” – Liam Neeson

20. “It’s interesting, the more successful you become the more people want to give you stuff for nothing.” – Liam Neeson

21. “It’s still a great, big, beautiful, wonderful world no matter what the headlines of the newspapers are and it’s there to be explored. It’s there for our children to go out and explore and explore different cultures and learn from it. I never lose hope.” – Liam Neeson

22. “You traveled the world… Now you must journey inwards… to what you really fear… it’s inside you.” – Liam Neeson

23. “Your compassion is a weakness your enemies will not share.” – Liam Neeson

24. “We have a weapon more powerful… than any in the whole arsenal of the British Empire! That weapon… is our refusal!” – Liam Neeson

25. “When a dog has a bone, the last thing you want to do is try and take it from it.” – Liam Neeson

26. “The cause of making the world a better place for children unites us all…” – Liam Neeson

27. “Every cliché about kids is true; they grow up so quickly, you blink and they’re gone, and you have to spend the time with them now. But that’s a joy.” – Liam Neeson

28. “Acting is invigorating. But I don’t analyze it too much. It’s like a dog smelling where it’s going to do its toilet in the morning.” – Liam Neeson

29. “Sitting down to eat in our house is about sharing, you know, talking about the day you’ve had, be it in school or work or whatever, so that’s very important to us.” – Liam Neeson

30. “Men fear most what they cannot see.” – Liam Neeson

31. “Things never happen the same way twice.” – Liam Neeson

32. “Death does not wait for you to be ready! Death is not considerate, or fair.” – Liam Neeson

33. “Power is when we have every justification to kill… and we don’t.” – Liam Neeson

34. “That is what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things, like the weight in the hand of a gun that’s loaded and one that’s not.” – Liam Neeson

35. “I’m keeping myself to myself. It’s a good thing. I’m not hunting. I’m the opposite of a – what would a male cougar be? Does it exist? Whatever it is, I’m not that.” – Liam Neeson

36. “I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What’s it all about?” – Liam Neeson


37. “I always wanted to be a cowboy, and Jedi Knights are basically cowboys in space, right?” – Liam Neeson


38. “In bed at night, I could be reading some book, and I’ll come across a sentence that’s totally unrelated to some scene I did years ago. But I’ll play the scene back in my mind and think, I did that wrong – I should’ve opened the door more slowly.” – Liam Neeson

39. “I’ve had an unbelievable life. I’ve been very lucky. You do create your own luck too, you know?” – Liam Neeson

40. “I’m a big believer in acts of kindness, no matter how small.” – Liam Neeson

41. “Always remember, the universe has a way of leading you to where you’re supposed to be, at the moment you’re supposed to be there.” – Liam Neeson

42. “We live in an age where revenge seems to be the most important thing for individuals and countries. Let’s forgive and forget each other. Decide to accept each other’s differences and move on.” – Liam Neeson

43. “I’ve made many films and only a few times I’ve played real people.” – Liam Neeson

44. “I don’t do my own stunts, but I do my own fighting. I don’t consider fighting to be a stunt.” – Liam Neeson

45. “The cause of making the world a better place for children unites us all.” – Liam Neeson

46. “All men with honor are kings. But not all kings have honor.” – Liam Neeson

47. “For all of nature’s wonder and beauty, it is also hostile and unpredictable.” – Liam Neeson

48. “If I get rejected for a part, I pick myself up and say, ‘OK, not today, maybe tomorrow I’ll get this other part or something.’” – Liam Neeson

49. “I never forget where I’m from. Whenever I pass a building site or see somebody digging a ditch, I always think, ‘That’s real work.’” – Liam Neeson

50. “Honor is what no man can give you, and none can take away. Honor is a man’s gift to himself.” – Liam Neeson


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