6 Non-Profit Trends Promising to Be Big in 2022

There are several trends that will be important to keep in mind for the year 2022, regardless of whether you are a fundraiser or if you are planning on starting one. Non-profits aren’t a new concept and there are plenty of examples of wildly successful initiatives over the years, but that doesn’t mean the tools, techniques and processes stay the same. Like every industry, non-profits have changed and fundraisers must keep up with the current trends if they want to succeed.

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Virtual Fundraisers are Where It’s At

This first trend isn’t new; instead, it is just growing in scope and magnitude. Virtual angles are essential for anyone who wants to set up a nonprofit or fundraise this year. That doesn’t mean that in-person events are no longer acceptable; it is just that things have evolved. 

During the pandemic when socializing in person wasn’t possible or safe, virtual events were the only option. It was easy to see how cost-effective, productive, and convenient virtual events can be. This is what has changed. Even if you want to hold an in-person event, it shouldn’t replace a virtual fundraiser.

Virtual fundraising events offer many benefits. You can take this example as an example

  • You can attract attendees from all over the world since they don’t need to attend in-person
  • This is significantly cheaper than hosting an event or gala in person
  • Planing is much easier and quicker.
  • You can tap into potential donors with greater ease.
  • It’s inclusive

This trend will continue to develop, and it is expected that the technology will become more advanced and feature-rich.

Use social media in fundraising activities

Another digital trend, along with virtual fundraising, is the embrace of social media. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise as social media has become such a huge part of most businesses’ marketing efforts. Marketing is essential for managing non-profits. Non-profits can use some of the same marketing techniques as for-profit businesses.

If you are looking for the top social networks, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Facebook should all be on your list. These networks are most popular and will give you the greatest opportunities to meet new donors.

One tip to use social media to raise funds for nonprofits is engagement. Posting content isn’t enough since you will also need to respond to those commenting. It is important to receive likes, mentions (re-tweets), follows, and, hopefully, trending. You can use hashtags to help you create your social media posts.

Work with fundraising experts

The trend to bring in professionals to aid with efforts is another. Although ideas are great and charitable organizations count on them, they will not succeed if there is no way to make your big ideas turn into donors. 

What are the best ways that a fundraising specialist can assist? They can help you understand the differences between not-for profit and non-profit. The two are often believed to be the same, which isn’t the case at all. You want to be sure you’re choosing the right model for your goal.

Non-profits are able to raise funds for the purpose of helping people, communities and the planet. A not-for-profit doesn’t always have that same goal; it just isn’t looking to make a profit.

A fundraising expert may also be able to offer tips and suggestions on past practices. A fundraising expert may be able provide tools and platforms to help you set up your initiative. They may be able to talk about engagement and much more. It’s the insight that can prove essential.

You can rely on recurring donors

As with all businesses, finding new customers and donors can be more costly than taping into existing clients. Another trend is the recurring donation. This is made easier by technology, which allows donors to set up recurring payments/donations at a frequency that suits them and in whichever denomination they prefer.

If this is the approach you will take, be sure to make it clear that it’s an available option. Some donors might prefer to make regular donations, rather than one lump sum.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Directions

This particular trend isn’t exactly a technique, rather it is a tip so that the fundraiser can stay relevant. Sometimes even the most hard-working fundraisers can fail. It’s important to look at it with an impartial mind and look for ways to improve. You can help things get back on track by staying flexible and not being afraid of changing directions. Just because the goals may not have been met, doesn’t mean the fundraiser has failed. You may need to tweak it.

It’s a great way to connect with others by texting

This is the last trend. It’s all about how to connect with and engage supporters. Once again, it’s a digital tool. It’s a fact that almost everyone nowadays has smart and digital devices. This can make your work more productive.

Because text messages have such a high open rate, you can create them to send out to donors. Text messages have better visibility than email, and are therefore more likely to be seen. A link can be included in the text message.

These trends will help you set up your non-profit venture for success in the coming year. You should be able implement several of these trends to get the best results. 

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