60 Motivational Lionel Messi Quotes To Get You Pumped

Lionel Messi is an Argentinian football player and is considered one of the greatest football players in the world; who was selected to play for ‘Barcelona’ for almost all of his career. In 2021 he joined ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ in which he signed a two-year deal.

Here are these inspiring Lionel Messi quotes about success, life and motivation as a soccer player.

These are 60 motivational Lionel Messi quotes Quotes:

1. “The best decisions aren’t made with your mind, but with your instincts.” – Lionel Messi

2. “I try to use pressure to help me in every game. It helps me to do the right thing. It’s something I enjoy. I don’t feel pressure; quite the contrary, because I always enjoy what I’m doing and that’s playing football.” – Lionel Messi

3. “I start early, and I stay late, day after day after day.” – Lionel Messi

4. “I do it because I love it and that’s all I care about.” – Lionel Messi

5. “This is why I didn’t go out to parties and many other things. I am successful because I made sacrifices for success.” – Lionel Messi

6. “What I do is play soccer, which is what I like. – Lionel Messi


7. “My desire to always get better, to always want more, to always be my top critic, and accepting the good and the bad.” – Lionel Messi


8. “In football as in watchmaking, talent and elegance mean nothing without rigor and precision.” – Lionel Messi

9. “Sometimes you have to accept you can’t win all the time.” – Lionel Messi

10. “I’ve liked football since I was a kid and I’ve always dreamt of becoming a professional footballer, I never thought of any other job.” – Lionel Messi

11. “There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game.” – Lionel Messi

12. “Being named among the best at something is special and beautiful. But if there are no titles, nothing is won.” – Lionel Messi

13. “I have fun like a child in the street. When the day comes when I’m not enjoying it, I will leave football.” – Lionel Messi

14. “When the year starts the objective is to win it all with the team, personal records are secondary.“ – Lionel Messi

15. “Goals are only important if they win games.” – Lionel Messi


16. “Day-to-day motivation isn’t a problem for me.” – Lionel Messi


17. “Little by little, I’m getting better all the time. I’ve not lost the passion to play.” – Lionel Messi

18. “To be honest, I never realized it. I had no idea that I was capable of being so good. I just wanted to make my dream come true.” – Lionel Messi

19. “Whether it’s a friendly match, or for points, or a final, or any game – I play the same. I’m always trying to be my best, first for my team, for myself, for the fans, and to try and win.” – Lionel Messi


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21. “Just to hear people saying and thinking that makes me very proud indeed. But I try not to think about it too much and just focus on enjoying everything that I have in this life.” – Lionel Messi

22. “I still have a lot of room for improvement. For example, I want to shoot equally well with both feet.” – Lionel Messi

23. “You cannot allow your desire to be a winner to be diminished by achieving success before and I believe there is room for improvement in every sportsman.” – Lionel Messi

24. “It takes sacrifice as well as talent.” – Lionel Messi

25. “It was hard for me because it was such a big change. My family was far away from me in Argentina, and I rarely got to see them. I only saw them once or twice a year and that was very hard for me.” – Lionel Messi

26. “I don’t need the best hairstyle or the best body. Just give me a ball at my feet and I’ll show you what I can do.” – Lionel Messi

27. “Every year I try to grow as a player and not get stuck in a rut. My goal is to always improve my game. But that trait is not something I’ve worked on, it’s part of me.” – Lionel Messi

28. “It doesn’t matter if I am better than Cristiano Ronaldo, all that matters is that Barcelona are better than Madrid.” – Lionel Messi


29. “Something deep in my character allows me to take the hits and get on with trying to win.” – Lionel Messi


30. “I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.” – Lionel Messi

31. “Being a bit famous now gives me the opportunity to help people who really need it, especially children.” – Lionel Messi

32. “I’ve always really just liked football, and I’ve always devoted a lot of time to it. When I was a kid, my friends would call me to go out with them, but I would stay home because I had practice the next day.” – Lionel Messi

33. “I made sacrifices by leaving Argentina, leaving my family to start a new life. My friends and my family were changed by me. Everything. But everything I did, I did for football, to achieve my dream.” – Lionel Messi

34. “You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.” – Lionel Messi

35. “it won’t be until after I’ve retired that I’m fully aware of what I’ve done or what I’ve gone on to achieve in my career.” – Lionel Messi

36. “Today I am the happiest man in the world, my son was born and thanks to God for this gift.” – Lionel Messi

37. “Barcelona gave me everything, they took a chance on me when nobody else would. I never have any desire to play for anybody else, I will be here for as long as they want me.” – Lionel Messi

38. “I’m always proudest whenever I’ve been part of a trophy-winning team. Lifting a title makes me feel so happy because it’s what I want to do in football: be successful.” – Lionel Messi

39. “I never think about the play or visualize anything. What comes to my mind at the moment is what I do. Instinct. It has always been that way.” – Lionel Messi


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41. “I am a normal person. I live the same way as every other human being. When I finish playing, doing my work, I have my family, my friends, and I live like any other person.” – Lionel Messi

42. “I’m never satisfied. I always push my limits and I always try to get better every day.” – Lionel Messi

43. “I want to be world champion, but not to change the perception of others towards me or to achieve greatness like they say, but rather, to reach the goal with my national team and to add a world cup to my list of titles.” – Lionel Messi

44. “Everything that’s happened to me in my career has been special, even the tough times because they leave marks on you that shape your life.” – Lionel Messi

45. “There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. I always help in any way I can, even if it’s just by signing an autograph. A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.” – Lionel Messi

46. “Every time I start a year, I start with the objective of trying to achieve everything, without comparing it to how I’ve done in other seasons.” – Lionel Messi

47. “Football has been my life since I was a kid. My approach is the same. I enjoy every minute of pitching. I know I have a great responsibility, and that there are objectives to accomplish, but I try to have fun too, because that’s what I love to do.” – Lionel Messi

48. “It’s an honor to be recognized like that [the best player]. Barca does not only have Messi. Barca has very good players.” – Lionel Messi

49. “This is much more than I dreamed about as a boy. I want to thank football in general for what it has given me.” – Lionel Messi

50. “I’m lucky to be part of a team who help to make me look good, and they deserve as much of the credit for my success as I do for the hard work we have all put in on the training ground.” – Lionel Messi

51. “I go out and do the best I can in each game, and I don’t think about the fouls other players will commit or whether I might be injured. It only does you harm to worry about those things.” – Lionel Messi

52. “My family was always present when I needed them and sometimes felt even stronger emotions than me.” – Lionel Messi

53. “I like to score goals but I also like to have friends among the people I have played with.” – Lionel Messi

54. “The truth is my idea has been to always stay at Barcelona and see out the rest of my career here. Like I always say, one doesn’t know what can happen in the future, but if it were up to me to decide, I would stay at Barcelona for the rest of my career.” – Lionel Messi


55. “You can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough.” – Lionel Messi


56. “Whether it’s a goal, or winning a game, I’m never satisfied.” – Lionel Messi

57. “Some people say my style of play is innate, but I’m not sure if that’s me or not. The truth is that I am a natural instinctive player. On the pitch, I’m always looking for the best move or decision at any given time. I never want to do what the opposition would be expecting.” – Lionel Messi

58. “I’m not the sort of guy who shouts and screams before a match.” – Lionel Messi

59. “I am competitive and I feel bad when we lose. You can see it in me when we’ve lost. I’m in a bad way. I don’t like to talk to anyone.” – Lionel Messi

60. “My motivation comes from playing the game I love.” – Lionel Messi


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