7 of the Biggest Enemies Stopping You From Success

Everybody wants to succeed. We all want it. It is our goal to be a mind-blowing success. The road to greatness is not easy. It is up to you whether or not you achieve success.

Your success keys are at your fingertips. If you have the keys to success in your hands, then why isn’t your life successful? You are your biggest enemy.

Everything happens to you. Seven elements in your own mind can stop you becoming successful.

Below are 7 factors that can prevent you from being successful 

1. 2.Complacency

A state of complacency is one that is associated with smugness. A feeling of great self-satisfaction. It is possible! You can put your all into something at times.  It is natural to be proud of the work you’ve done and feel satisfied. 

Complacency is when you’re satisfied with the results of your work. Sincerely, you have put so much work and effort into what you do, you won’t feel good if someone condemns all of your hard work and efforts. 

Most people commit mistakes here. We tend to overlook the flaws and not to listen to them. You ask why? It’s because you are amazed at how much work you can do all by yourself. You feel so satisfied that you don’t want to change it or listen to advice.

Do you realize what complacency can do? Complacency can lead to pride, laziness and stagnancy. Recognize when you are wrong. Ask for assistance from other people and be open to learning.

Do you have a A growth mindsetInstead of having a set one, you can use.

2. 2. Low self-esteem

Do you think about yourself as a person? Are you feeling worthless or devalued? Low self-esteem can be a major obstacle to your success. However, you wield the power of self-esteem and that’s why you are the controller of your success. 

Low self-esteem holds a very strong power which is “underestimation”, you keep underestimating yourself which will make you lose your self-worth. You may wonder what happens to your self-worth when it is gone. One is that you loose your self-worth, two are the loss of confidence, three, self-respect and finally, you become a victim to negativity.

Be kind to yourself! How can you underestimate your own potential? Many people are capable of amazing things, but underestimating their potential can lead to them destroying themselves. ConfidenceTime is passing by quickly. 

Love God first and then love yourself. Loving God will make it easier to love yourself. God’s love brings you indescribable happiness and joy. It is a view from a child who has been given the gift of God.

Your greatness is evident. No one can change you. One secret is this: if you don’t condemn yourself, no one on earth can condemn you. Don’t condemn yourself. Don’t limit yourself. Your potential is limitless, and you are always going.

3. 3.

Millions have regretted their pride. It is possible to not give up on yourself and not make it far in life. Even if your luck is good, you will be left with huge regrets.

Pride is one of the greatest enemies to your success. Some people have a mindset that they can’t learn from someone younger than them even if they are in the same place of work or, even if they do the same thing.

People often feel too large to seek help. Many people feel too large to be able to learn. If you don’t know a thing, ask people that know about it. Don’t feel too big to ask and always be ready to face and accommodate disrespect. 

Take a look at the most successful women and men in the world, and you will be shocked at the amount of disrespect they have suffered. Take a look at what they have done. 

To succeed you must have the skills. This simply means that you will need to be able to use your skills and put in lots of work and service to acquire new ones. How do you serve others? Serve with respect and complete subjection.

“Success seems to be connected with action. Succession requires that you keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.” – Conrad Hilton

4. Laziness

Everybody has a comfort zone. Most times, people become too satisfied with their comfort zone and that’s why it has become super-hard for them to get out of that place of comfort.

Movies, movies, favorite celebs, social media and games are all possible places to find comfort. Where is it? What’s your comfort zone? Success will not be possible unless you are able to make Godliness and hard work, dedication, smart thinking, perseverance, and commitment your comfort zone.

The one thing that makes us feel more awake and alert is our sense of pleasure. It is the feeling that we are satisfied with our bodies. While it can seem that you are satisfied, in reality, your time is being wasted. Which are you wasting your time?

What is social media? Gaming What about watching movies? Do you waste time watching films?

5. 5. 

ProcrastinationThis is why many people lose an opportunity once in a lifetime. This is one of your greatest enemies. However, don’t forget that you wield the power of procrastination by yourself. 

Laziness and procrastination are twins. They go hand in hand. Procrastination is when you get too comfortable in your own comfort zone. It makes you waste precious time.

It can help you achieve things that you never thought possible. You can procrastinate to make an assignment take 10 hours if it is due in four hours.

That means that you’ve spent 6 hours being lazy. One thing is certain: procrastination can promote laziness.

6. Lack of confidence and fear

They are twins, too! How can self-confidence be lacking if there is no fear? Self-confidence is a lack of fear. Fear of speaking up for yourself and showing your talent, as well as fear of failure.

It is also your biggest enemy. Many people have lost their dreams due to fear. And don’t forget that lack of self-confidence can not and never exist without the fear element.

Let fear go and build your confidence. Do you want to gain confidence in a matter of hours? Have faith in God. You can have complete faith in God and nothing can shake you.

7. Negative Society

Bad people and a poor environment are the hallmarks of a negative society. Sometimes we don’t even dream of achieving success because of the kind of people we mingle with and the society we are in.

What are your best friends? Which are your closest friends? You should answer this question negative if you think you live in a bad society. 

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