81% of Business Owners Want to Exit Their Businesses, But Most Will Fail Without This Key Element

Chris Vanderzyden, a founding partner of Legacy Partners, LLP, an exit planning and M&A advisory firm dedicated to creating and executing exit strategies for privately held business owners joins Enterprise Radio. The latest book she has written is: Make sure you master your exit strategy: You sell your business, but leave a legacy.

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Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Chris Vanderzyden discuss the following:

  1. Your book’s title is Master Your Exit Plan. Is there an exit strategy?
  2. Many business owners are unaware of the exit strategies available to them – what are the options, and what is the most common path taken?
  3. Each business owner hopes to make a big profit by selling the company. But many people fail.
  4. How can a business owner decide when is the best time to sell their company?
  5. How should a business owner go about selling their company?
  6. How can business owners know how much money they have to move on after selling their businesses?

Chris Vanderzyden, CPA, CVGA, CEPA, is an author, speaker, and leading educator on exit planning and mergers and acquisitions. She is a founding partner of Legacy Partners, LLP, an exit planning and M&A advisory firm dedicated to creating and executing exit strategies for privately held business owners.

Her career began as a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers, then as an asset manager with Northwest Asset Management in Los Angeles, California. After her corporate positions, she went on to become an entrepreneur. She sold two companies and consults for private businesses in determining business value and exit strategies.

Vanderzyden speaks internationally on exit planning and mergers and acquisitions, is an expert contributor for media outlets, a guest lecturer for Harvard University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation class, and the bestselling author of 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Victory. Her newest book, Master Your Exit Plan: Sell Your Business, Preserve Your Legacy (Emerald Lake Books (April 19, 2022), gives a step-by–step guideline for selling a business. The book also features in-depth advice by five leading industry professionals.

Site: https://legacypartnersllp.com

Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisVNDRZYDN
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/chrisvanderzyden
Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/Vanderzyden

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