A Step by Step Process That Will Help You Make the Impossible, Possible

Everyone has been there. The girl, the car, the money, the family, the lifestyle…but then we tell ourselves “Yeah, but that’s not me”. People who are able to get those things come from different backgrounds and this becomes an endless cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy. We waste the wings we got believing the entire time that we can’t fly and that it’s impossible for us. We don’t even see our wings most of the time.

1.The Invisible

This is the area we know nothing about since it’s is not even on our radar. We don’t know that it exists, only when we discover (by accident) or someone else tells us that, do we move the needle from the Invisible to Impossible.

Here are some examples from The Invisible.

  1. Ibrahim Hamato – A table tennis player with no hands. The most surprising thing about him is his ability to serve.
  2. It is possible to build a hotel of 15 stories in China in six days.
  3. Charlie Munger reads 500 pages per day. Given that an average book has 250 pages, Charlie Munger reads between 2 and 650 to 700 books per year. The average American reads less that 4 books per year.

It is now visible that the Invisible becomes visible. You know that it’s happening somewhere out there but not here, not where you are, not in your life. So that’s why the Invisible becomes the Impossible. “Oh wow, that’s amazing. But it’s impossible for me.” So welcome to the second stage.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

2. The Impossible

Here you will find get-rich-quick schemes. This is where the hagglers mostly operate, promising to give you something that would move you from the Impossible area to the Actual area, but it doesn’t work like that in real life. You are not accustomed to that kind of lifestyle and you can’t handle the jump.

You can see the results of lottery winners, who have gone from poverty to wealth. This group has the highest suicide and depression rates in the country. The paradox of it all is their happier lives prior to winning the lottery.

All of the steps need to be taken in order and you can’t jump through them. It is important to experience each step and to figure out the best way to move from one one to another. The area of the Impossible is where you begin to question how. Where do you go from there? What can I do to move forward? You can ask this question to find the mindset shift needed (from fixed to growth mindset). This will make it possible to do what seems impossible.

3.All Things Possible

When you shift your mindset from a fixed to a growth mindset, that’s when you reach the Possible area. It becomes possible for you to believe that this is possible. It is no longer something which exists out there for someone else and it’s no longer for the people you think are made from a different cloth.

You start believing (and proving to yourself) that there is no “made from a different cloth.” You realize that there is just hard work, perseverance, and belief. Now, the biggest hurdle has been jumped and it’s time to give your mindset shift complementaries. These complementaries depend on your knowledge and abilities. When you start working in the area of the Possible, that’s when you step into the next area of the Probable.

4.The Probability

Here you combine your mind shift with the belief you can achieve it. Your Why and how become your What.

The area of Probable teaches you the How of craft. Learn how to turn your dreams and vision into reality. It is here that habits, and everyday (compound) actions are formed. Because most skills are difficult to master, this is the hardest part.

Mastery of the subject matter is essential if you are to realize your dreams and vision. Mastery simply takes time, but don’t be discouraged, you are now on the right path and success is inevitable. Keep pushing forward, don’t stop working and keep going. It will come. You will enter the final phase when it occurs.

“No one gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.” – Elbert Hubbard

5.The Real

It is here that your vision, your dream and dreams become reality. You will live, feel, touch and smell this goal. Only if you believe in it, put your efforts into it, and work hard to achieve your goals. This is the place where dreams come true but it isn’t a magical place that fell from nothing. This is the result of years of hard work and belief that brought you to your desired goals.

The best feeling you can get is the fulfillment of your hard work. It is the moment you have conquered the world around you and the environment but also yourself.

Because of this, your dreams are becoming a reality.

What’s next?

Move on to your next goal. It never ends, only our perspective on the circle changes. While I achieved the Actual in one part of my life I remain in the Probable stage in the second. There is much more to be done.

What about you? Which area of your life’s dream are you in and how would you continue your pursuit towards the Actual? Please share your thoughts with us!

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