Become A Nurse Health Coach

Are you tired of failing to do everything you can for your patients? Are you tired of being restricted by the modern medical practice of symptom management? These are the things that are leading the dramatic shift among nurses everywhere to holistic nursing. If you are looking to get into holistic nursing, becoming a nurse health coach is one of the best ways to do so. By becoming a nurse health coach, you can make a real difference in your patients’ lives. Still not convinced? Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider becoming a nurse health coach today. 

Reasons To Get Into Nurse Health Coaching: 

1. Truly Help Your Patients

One of the biggest problems with the modern healthcare system is the fact that nurses are pigeonholed into managing the symptoms of their patients. A nurse isn’t able to leverage their knowledge, skills, and expertise in all things health to help their patients. They have to stick to managing the symptoms their patients have and giving them emotional support. As a nurse, you can do more and you likely want to do more. When you become a health coach as a Registered Nurse, you get to help your patients truly heal. You get to help work with them to figure out what is the root cause of their symptoms. This can help you get to the bottom of what is truly making them sick. This means you can help them emotionally and physically. You get to help heal yourself entirely rather than focusing on limiting a single symptom.

2. No Burnout

A lot of nurses are getting burnt out. They are being overworked and they are having to get patients in and out as quickly as they can. The system is broken. As a holistic nurse professional, you can work with your patients one on one. This allows you to truly get to know your patients, learn their lifestyle habits, and give them personalized medical advice. You don’t have to worry about getting patients in and out of a hospital bed. Nor do you have to worry about going home at the end of a long shift only feeling like you could have done more. Nurses are driven by passion. It’s likely what got you into the field in the first place. When you practice modern medicine with the current and broken healthcare system, it can be much easier to get burnt out feeling like you are making much of a difference. You essentially act as a cog in the machine. This means you don’t get the personal fulfillment or satisfaction that can keep you going.

3. Start Your Practice

You don’t have the opportunity to start your practice when you are working as a Registered Nurse. However, when you move into nurse health coaching, you can do exactly that. When you become a health coach, you can start your practice and take on your patients. This means that you can start a business and make your hours. This alone is a reason why a lot of nurses have taken to nurse health coaching. It gives them much more freedom than they would ever get working as a nurse. As a nurse, you are typically forced to work long shifts whenever they need you. When you are a health coach, you get to control your hours. This means that you can spend your time working as you see fit. It also amplifies your earning potential because you are running your own business.

4. Improve Your Skills

A lot of nurses look into nurse coaching purely because they want to learn more about nursing. When you become a nurse coach, you have to go through an educational and certification program. This ensures that you learn what you need to know to become an effective health coach. You get to practice your communication skills and you get to learn how to better connect with your patients. It’s a great way to gain more useful and valuable skills whether you want to transition your career to nurse coaching or not. It can be a great stepping stone to getting into something else or learning a specialty that you didn’t know previously. 

As you can tell, there is a lot to like about nurse coaching. If you are looking to become one, you’ll want to enroll in our Transformative Nurse Coaching program. The Program from The Nurse Coach Collective is the best you will find out there. It’s a program that is completely designed by nurses for nurses looking to make the transition. The program will teach you what you need to know to learn how to become a better whole-body nurse so you can help your patients heal inside and out. If you are looking for a new challenge and you want to make more of a difference in your patients’ lives, there’s no better way than to get into nurse health coaching.

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