Black America and the Wealth Gap: Tackling Generational Injustice

Dr. Kortney Ziegler, CEO & Founder of WellMoneyEnterprise Radio welcomes Dr. Ziegler with the goal to Do Good Things. Dr. Ziegler works for social justice.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Kortney Ziegler discuss the following

  1. Explain what you mean by “access to capital” and how are black families and consumers impacted by current policies?
  2. According to me, you’re the first PhD-focused African American Studies student at Northwestern University. Which course did you select and which has shaped your advocacy path?
  3. Explain the “wealth gap” and how it has perpetuated across generations for Black Americans?
  4. Is there a way to rectify these systemic and historical injustices? Are there any recommendations you can make?
  5. Are you positive that there will ever be equality of wealth in your lifetime?

Kortney Ziegler, PhDSerial entrepreneur, he develops easy tech solutions that improve financial and social wellbeing for his users. Before launching WellMoney with the support of ideas42Ventures, Dr. Ziegler co-founded crowdfunding platform Appolition, raising over $1 million to pay bail for people who can’t afford it. His films and writings have been recognized. He was also awarded the PhD in African American Studies by Northwestern University.


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