BOTYStyle 101: How Engaging Your Inner Social Side Empowers Goal Attainment

Brian Turner, Founder & CEO of BOTY, which is a new app launching that creates channels of communication and engagement at bars and restaurants joins Enterprise Radio.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Brian Turner discuss the following:

  1. Serial entrepreneur. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and why you’ve selected to work in the spaces you do?
  2. Your theory on honesty is based. Could you talk about that and explain how it came to be?
  3. We would love to hear about BOTY. How did your company come about.
  4. BOTY was a lifestyle brand you have created. We hear great things about 
it. Is it possible? What can we expect of it, and you?
  5. Is there anything else we can look forward to from you as an entrepreneur.

Brian Bernard Turner, also known as BBT, is a father, an explorer, serial entrepreneur, and founder and CEO of BOTYIt is a technology company called. Establishes communication and engagement channels at the bar. Bowie State University gave Brian his Bachelor of Science degree as Marketing. And he received his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance from the University of Baltimore in 2001.

YouRunning is not the only activity. BOTYBrian, the CEO of Southern Maryland is Right at HomeFor the last 8 years. Turner is a veteran of corporate America. He also worked as a senior financial risk analyst for the federal government. Turner also managed a highly successful real-estate company over ten years. 

Brian was raised and grew up in Washington, DC. He currently resides in Miami, FL. Brian is a great communicator, and he believes he can make a difference in the world. His goal is to make people more productive and maximize their potential. Turner has a great eye for the big picture and can create processes that are in line with business and personal goals.

Brian is a family man. He’s happily married, and he is the proud father to two wonderful children. Brian, a Libran, enjoys traveling with his family and reading. His ideal life would be simple, he hates stress and wants to live a minimalist life. Turner is looking for balance and true independence and wants to share his knowledge with everyone who listens.


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