Brandon Taubman on the Importance of Data Science, from Baseball Recruiting to Real Estate Investing

Brandon Taubman, the Chief Information Officer, and experienced data scientist at Stablewood Properties who is known for his time as Assistant General Manager with the Houston Astros, where he combined qualitative analysis with cutting-edge technology and data science to transform the team’s recruiting strategy joins Enterprise Radio. Brandon will speak about how data science is used in everyday life, including baseball operations and real estate investment.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Brandon Taubman discuss the following:

  1. Let us know about Stablewood Properties. Your Chief Information Officer role will present you with both challenges and excitement.
  2. Was it data science that first drew you to this field?
  3. Before joining Stablewood Properties, you were the assistant general manager for the Houston Astros. Data science is crucial for managing baseball operations.
  4. The Astros’ average record for 3 seasons was 54-108, when you joined them in 2013. Houston was the World Series Champion by 2017. What technology did you pioneer during this time, and what role did your analytics crew, or the “Nerd Cave,” have to do with this turnaround?
  5. Data science and traditional investment: How can it help you make better decisions?

Brandon Taubman serves as Chief Information Officer for Stablewood Properties. This data-infused real property investment firm combines traditional investment strategies with data analytics and machine intelligence.

Brandon Taubman, a data scientist and financial engineering expert, has 15 years experience in investment banking, real estate, sports analytics and finance. He was previously the assistant general manager for Analytics at Stablewood. As assistant GM to the Astros, Taubman oversaw the R&D department and scouting departments, where he influenced roster and contract decisions during trade negotiations and arbitration hearings.

Brandon began his career on Wall Street, working for Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital. His wife Leah lives in Rancho Palos Verdes.


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