Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support Chewables for Dogs

Enterprise Radio is joined by Mark Hill, CEO, AABEX Animal Health and the owner of Brave Paws. Brave Paws™Nutraceuticals that are clinically tested for their effectiveness in pets, which have been sustainably sourced and plant-based. They can also be responsibly manufactured.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Mark Hill discuss the following:

  1. Which experience in animal care did you have? What was the inspiration for Brave Paws’ creation and launch date?
  2. Do many dogs suffer from anxiety from fireworks, summer heat, thunder, separation anxiety and loud noises and what lead you to find an all natural solution?
  3. How did you discover the combination of ingredients for Brave Paws Formula?
  4. The product is supposed to help a Costa Rica village. Can you explain how that happened?
  5. Why is this important for dog owners?

Mark Hill – CEO and President of AABEX Animal Health, LLC parent company of Brave Paws Brand

Mark established AABEX Animal Health, after a career in animal health. AABEX was established to support small businesses in the entry of the industry, which has historically been dominated and monopolized by large companies with blockbuster products. Mark was raised on a Maryland dairy farm and received a B.S. The University of Maryland awarded Mark a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics as well as a Masters of Business Administration. Mark’s career began in Virginia as field sales. From there, he moved to various positions in sales and marketing. Mark’s last position was as Senior Sales Director for the U.S. Large Animal Division of Merial Ltd. Mark has a strong track record in the development and hiring of high-performing teams that consistently exceeds goals throughout his career.

New venture:  Brave Paws™  which offers clinically studied nutraceuticals for pets which are sustainably sourced, plant-based, and responsibly made. It is our passion to care for animals, people and the environment. Therefore, we continue to strive toward greater renewable energy and regenerative farming, sustainable solutions and a reduction in carbon emissions.



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