Conversion Optimization – How to get Results for your Business

Conversion Optimization is not something many business owners understand. Sasha Matviienko, growth360’s founder and CEO, explains Conversion Optimization to business owners.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and what does it mean?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Conversion Optimization is about increasing the amount of leads and sales websites receive. This goes for both eCommerce and regular websites.

What is your role in the CRO business?

For both websites, the main goal is to generate leads or sales. So from this perspective, the idea is fairly simple – we need to identify issues and bottlenecks in the User Experience that are preventing consumers from converting into Leads and Sales.

There are many ways to do that. It is important to identify which pages are most popular and convert the best. Also, we need to know what pages have a lower drop-off for users. Everything is possible to understand consumer behavior, from heat mapping tools to more general web analytics tools.

We identified, for example, that one of our clients was having trouble with the checkout process. Once identified as a bottleneck, we’ve implemented an experiment where the checkout process was simplified down to one-click checkout. Sales for multiple products soared as a result.

What are other strategies for optimizing conversion rates?

One approach is highly recommended for home contractors, professional business and other businesses in the Home Improvement sector. As a part of this approach, we look at a number of things from being effective in how we communicate client’s reputations all the way to incentivizing consumers to contact our clients.

Citadel is an example of a company that works extensively with top-end professional equipment, such as Ubiquiti. Many consumers put off buying. That’s why as a part of our effort, we’ve implemented a system that offers a special offer to the website Visitors. Citadel offers special terms to their customers for Ubiquiti Installations and all other services for commercial and residential clients. They have achieved remarkable success in this market by taking a unique approach.

What percentage of businesses need the CRO services?

It’s all the time. In fact, oftentimes it’s not about getting more traffic, but about converting more of the existing Visitors. In fact, if your website is not optimized to Convert Visitors into Leads & Sales, there is no point of doing any further work. You don’t want to drive visitors to your site and spend money if only a few convert.

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