Corporate Culture Boils Down to Four Essential Elements

Robert J. Kohlhepp was a Cintas Corporation controller who worked for 50 years. He was later promoted to general manager, vice-president and treasurer and then president. CEO joined Enterprise Radio. His latest book is Building a Better Organization

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Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Robert J. Kohlhepp discuss the following:

  1. What made you choose to write this book and why?
  2. How did your CEO role differ from that of Mr. Farmer?
  3. What was their mentor? What did they do to help you?
  4. Have you ever hoped that your business would expand from where you began to what it is now?
  5. Which trait is most essential for successful people?

Robert J. Kohlhepp started his career with Cintas Corporation as a controller in July 1967. He was promoted over 50 years to the positions of general manager and vice president and treasurer. The executive vice president, president, CEO and president were his titles before he retired in 2016. Kohlhepp also served as a member of several university, non-profit, and corporation boards. Building a Better Organization, is Kohlhepp’s new book.


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