Dr. Nader, in private practice for 30 years as a Clinical and Interventional Cardiologist

Enterprise Radio’s Dr. Ralph Nader, who is the director of Miami Center for Advanced Cardiology and provides concierge medicine, interventional cardiology and other health services, joins Enterprise Radio.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guests Dr. Ralph Nader discuss the following:

  1. Dr. Nader, why don’t’ you start by telling us about how you became a physician and why you chose to focus on Cardiology?
  2. How did you make the decision to change to a concierge-based model of care? What did it look like for you, a doctor (model of care and financial sustainability),?)?
  3. Which are the main benefits that Members receive from the Nader CCPHP concierge programme? Are there any benefits that you saw during the COVID epidemic?
  4. What has been the reaction of your patients to this change? Is this a model that helps patients attain optimal health?
  5. Is there anything you would recommend to other physicians considering the transition to a concierge practice?

Since 1985, Dr. Nader has worked in private as an Interventional and Clinical Cardiologist. His medical degree was from Northwestern University, Chicago. After completing his special training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania as well as the Boston Beth Israel Hospital of Harvard University, Dr. Nader completed his specialty training. Dr. Nader has been board certified and keeps current his certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases as well as Nuclear Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. The American College of Cardiology and The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology have made him a Fellow.

Miami Center for Advanced Cardiology was founded by Dr. Nader in 2008. Dr. Nader is a proponent of pre-emptive care, screening to detect cardiovascular problems early and ongoing clinical care for the heart. His decades-long experience includes performing and evaluating therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, such as balloon angioplasties and catheterizations.
Cardiovascular stenting.

Dr. Nader is a believer that healthy living, with medication when needed, can help to lead to an active and long life. Dr. Nader is admitted at Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach and Aventura Hospital.

When Dr. Nader is not working, he enjoys time with his family, and walks Maya.

Website: https://ccphp.net/nader

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Enterprise Podcast Network (EPN) – Dr. Nader has been in private practice as a clinical and interventional cardiaciologist for over 30 years.

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