Entrepreneurs: Be Job Providers, Not Job Seekers

A workshop was held on Entrepreneurial Development Program.  His presentation covered the importance and challenges of starting a business, as well as how to do it. His own business was established and he worked as an advisor for many companies to set up new enterprises.

His parents had resistance to him starting his business. He also shared some of the struggles he experienced. A video of some successful entrepreneurs that started out of nothing and rose to the top of their business journey was shown by him.  The session was full of inspiring ideas and insight. For my students, and others who are interested in entrepreneurship but have misconceptions and are unsure of the truth about it, I chose to research this subject further.  

Indians are known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Most students desire to be job creators rather than job seekers. However, most parents don’t encourage their children to set up businesses as there are more challenges involved in it. If your venture fails, no one will help you.

 There is no governmental support.  Social security is not available. The law will take its time clearing bankruptcy cases. In India, failures carry a stigma. Likewise, there are several reasons why Indian parents don’t encourage their children to pursue their entrepreneurial journey.  Their children are encouraged to stay safe while they encourage them to seek out work.  

They want financial stability for their retirement.  Their fears about their future are heightened by their concerns over what will happen to them if the children go out of business. 

Work seeker or job provider?

You should be a job seeker if you’re money driven. If you’re value-driven, be a job provider. If you have the mindset of ‘accumulation’, become a job seeker. In contrast, if you have the mindset of ‘contribution’, become a job provider. Do not dwell on the issues, you should be a job seeker. If you are able to find the solutions, then become a job supplier. To be a job seeker, you must think beyond the box.  You can be a job provider if your mind is open to possibilities. 

To survive as an ordinary person, you should become a job-seeker. If you are looking to be an exceptional person and succeed, then become a job provider. You can become a job searcher if you are looking to join the workforce. If you’re looking for a way to make a difference and become an inspiration, you can be a job provider.  

Entrepreneurs face both challenges and opportunities

It is difficult to start a business.  It is not easy. The team must face numerous challenges, from start to finish.  They have to know how they can turn challenges into opportunities.  They need to be able see through the closed door and open the doors that are opened.  

Michael Gerber rightly remarked, “We see potential everywhere we look. However, many people see only problem areas. We entrepreneurs are more interested in identifying opportunities and avoiding missing them..”  They have to work round the clock. They need to arrange capital.  They have to face fierce competition. Their inability to anticipate what will happen next results in stress levels that are high.   

Many of these threats are caused by the outside business environment. If they love entrepreneurship, however, they will be able to overcome most of the challenges. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for those who are brave. 

Risks in entrepreneurship

They must understand that some business decisions may not lead to success and others will fail. The success rate of an entrepreneur is very low.  Brian Tracy Psychology of Achievement The book (2002) tells the story of four millionaires who became billionaires by age 35. Before finding their dream job, they were involved with 17 different businesses. 

They persevered in trying until they finally found the right solution.  Entrepreneurship can be for them if they are passionate about entrepreneurship, willing to learn and take chances and push forward with determination and resilience. It is important to understand that jobs come with risk. There is no way of knowing if you will get the job or if it will last. Employees can also be terminated at any moment. 

Being job seeker and job provider comes with risks. They must be able to face criticism and fear failures in order to become successful entrepreneurs.

Dhirubhai Abani would have created Reliance Empire had he remained an employee at the petrol pumps as a attendant. What would Infosys Technology Ltd look like if Narayana Murthy had not left Patni Computers, as an employee?  Take away your mental limits and try new things to become a successful entrepreneur. 

The myth that Indians only work for the benefit of others is false. Imagine the wealth that Indians would make for India if they started their own enterprises.  We need to have more people looking for work, not just job seekers, in order for India to become a powerful economy and global superpower.

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