Kelly Johnson, the Country Manager at ESET, a global award winning cybersecurity company, which provides complete protection without compromise for all your devices joins Enterprise Radio.

Enterprise Radio has teamed up with Cyber Security Channel for this episode.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Kelly Johnson discuss the following:

  1. Please tell us about ESET’s threat report and the key findings?
  2. We need your thoughts on the threats and trends that have shaped cybersecurity in the past year 2022.
  3. Which of these attacks were most significant? How did ESET research discover them (and stop them)?
  4. It also summarizes the most recent ESET laboratory findings and highlights ESET investigations regarding operations by different APT groups. What can we tell you about these?
  5. The report shows that email threats have increased by almost 37 percent. Could you explain this to us and tell us what we should be paying attention to?

Kelly Johnson, Australia Country Manager at ESET, is an ingenious thinker working within the security sector. Kelly has over 30 years experience working in IT, having led teams across sales, marketing and operations. Over 12 years, Kelly worked with all segments in the ANZ channels market.


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