Experiential Marketing for 2022 – Sampling and Wildposting For Covid Proof Street Level Marketing

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All sectors of employers and employees have been challenged to think outside of the box in the past 12 months. Marketers are constantly looking for innovative solutions and crazy, new ideas. In order to make a difference in this world of creative and fierce competition, our minds had to expand and we needed to pivot our marketing strategies.

Although experiential marketing was already in existence long before the COVID-19 epidemic, it has been reinvented by global marketers to adapt to the new environment. We’ll go over exactly what experiential marketing is in this blog post, as well as how your company can make it your new go-to approach for 2022. 

What exactly is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is when a group of professionals street-level marketers creates an experience that has a lasting impact on their audience. Although these events and experiences can be costly and take a lot of time, the benefits are greater brand recognition as well as higher revenue.

An effective experiential marketing campaign is one that literally “runs into” the customer. Your brand and experience don’t only blend in with the consumer’s daily routine but also stand out enough to make them stop and pay attention. 

Which experiential marketing strategy is best to increase your company’s visibility? This million-dollar question is occupying your thoughts right now. It’s quite simple. Sampling, Wildposting

Wildposting and sampling have been proven to be COVID-proof street marketing or experimental methods. You want to find out how this is COVID-proof, and what they can do for you in order to increase your visibility. Let’s find out. 

How can sampling and wild posting street-level market campaigns be COVID proof?

This marketing method is safe and COVID proof for many reasons. The most important factor is the measures that these marketing organizations’ expert teams adhere to

  • PPE is essential for effective marketing.
  • These tools are used to facilitate consumer and social connection, as well as sampling for distancing samples.
  • Employees should have access to a clean kit and training in safety and health.
  • Each shift is monitored for temperature and staff are quickly isolated if they develop symptoms. 

Although street-level marketing professionals are always looking to improve their reach, it has been necessary to move some mobile sampling stations to higher streets so that they don’t crowd the public. Professional street-level marketers also developed flexible scheduling. This allows sampling teams to be moved to other locations if the area is locked down. 

So, to run marketing campaigns effectively under the COVID-19 situation, it is suggested to hire the best experiential marketing company that ensures you’re not investing at the wrong time with the wrong approach. 

Experiential marketing: Sampling & Widlposting for 2022 – Hit or Miss?

A huge hit. Let’s explore why seeing the ultimate benefits of sampling and widlposting.

  • Your advertisement or marketing product will be more noticeable because wildpostings are usually at the eye level of pedestrians and bicyclists. 
  • According to research, wildpostings had a higher rate of follow-up from consumers than print or newspaper ads.
  • It is easy to rent wall space and it can be done with any type of business. If you are looking to start a big-scale campaign of wildposting, however, an agency might be the right choice.
  • Wildposting can be a great way to make a strong statement. Because wildposting uses only paper posters to create it, it’s far cheaper than traditional advertising. However it still has a wide audience. 

Closing remarks:

The best method to market your company is likely to be experiential marketing in 2022. You can reach larger audiences in less time with experiential marketing, regardless of how small or large your business.  

Stay tuned for more marketing information. 

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