Explore Stoicism to Lead Your Life With Purpose and Meaning

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) and technology have brought about increased volatility, uncertainty and complexity worldwide. Many people find it difficult to forecast where technology might take them. Although they enjoy the numerous benefits that automation and artificial Intelligence offer, they have concerns about possible threats. Humans are trapped between prosperity and peace.

Stoicism refers to a philosophy of living. This is the Roman unofficial religion. It has a close connection to mindfulness. This helps you to identify the things you have control over. You become more aware of yourself and have more insight into your own life. You will feel more self-controllable, stronger, and longer lasting. This is a wonderful therapy for heartache. 

Stoicism refers to the ability not only to confront adversaries but also to deal with failures in a calm, measured, collected, and focused manner. Stoicism is a way to work well under pressure. The world throws many curveballs at people and they must be prepared to confront them. This is possible with stoic philosophy. Zeno of Citium in Athens founded the philosophy of stoicism in 3rd Century BC. It was then practiced by many leading philosophers like Seneca, Seneca. The military can use it as well. 

Stoic philosophy is built on the principles of character, courage convictions conscience communication charisma compassion consideration and contribution.  Stoic philosophy has many benefits. One example is that you are able to distinguish between things you can and cannot control. It is wise to make decisions. You don’t criticize, complain and condemn others. You mature, stay calm and develop as a philosopher.   

Stoics: Myths and truths

There are many myths surrounding stoicism. There is the myth that stoics can be cold-hearted. Truth is, they are able to control their feelings and emotions. They are extraordinary people who don’t exhibit their inner emotions and feelings to others. Because ducks have to swim, their feet are constantly submerged in water. They seem calm and peaceful externally. 

It is believed that stoics are able to suppress emotions. However, they can channel these emotions constructively and creatively in order to stay calm and composed regardless of what happens. It is often believed that stoicism can be considered a religion. Stoicism, in reality, is a way for living and has nothing to do with religion. Stoicism is an approach to living that is mindful of the world around you, rather than merely existing there.  

Stoic leaders have certain characteristics 

Stoics are different, not indifferent to the sensitivities of others’ egos, emotions, feelings, and the external environment. This attitude helps them to be prepared for failures, and protects them from the arrogance that comes with success. They can be silent, resilient and accept the outside world. However they are able to control and channel their inner energy and turn it in their favor. They can take failures and successes equally and are emotional intelligent. They are aware of their limits and can work with the resources available without being influenced by external factors or forces. 

Stoic leaders possess a very high internal control. They live in the now. They are able to let go of the need for a certain outcome. They are adamant about excellence and show gratitude. They accept the realities of life and live a simple, humble existence. They accept less but expect more. They are able to accept change and recognize that life has many peaks and valleys. 

They are able to tell when it is time to let go and when it’s time to move on. They are able to suffer quietly in order to reach their goals. These people are optimistic, visionaries and have different strategies for achieving their goals. They are uncertain about their success because they know that there are many factors beyond their control. Even though they are faced with adversity after another, they keep their cool and remain collected. 

“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

Incorporating their knowledge and experience allows them to make smarter, wiser choices. They seek out feedback and journal daily to help them improve. They love their privacy. They can resolve conflicts quickly and successfully overcome crises. They take responsibility for all involved. They are less critical, compare and criticize, and they consume less. They learn more and create more.

Cato the Younger and other Stoic philosophers had an influence on the leaders John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and John Stuart Mill were two of the most prominent American politicians. Adam Smith, an economist, followed this philosophy. Abraham Lincoln, James Stockdale, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, all of whom were stoics in the face adversity, are just a few examples.  This is how to remain stoic when faced with adversity. Understanding and appreciating the increased volatility, uncertainty and complexity (VUCA), across the globe is key. Have an internal locus de control. Your attitude, behavior, and personality can be improved. Leverage your uniqueness. Treat your failures as lessons. Transform your negativity into something positive. Your threats can be turned into opportunities. Transform your scars to stars 

Keep in mind that the only thing that can steal your happiness today is the present. Living in the now with intention and meaning will help you live your life. These are some tips to help you live your life with purpose and meaning. Reducing your time spent on your computer is a good idea. Reduce your TV viewing. Don’t dwell too often on the unpleasant things you have experienced. Do not succumb to the urge to shop. Be able to resolve your relationship problems. Don’t procrastinate. You should avoid clutter, both mentally and physically. Life will be full of problems and pain if you see it negatively. Positive views of life will bring you joy, peace, happiness and beauty. Positively view your life to succeed and bring value to others. 

Discover Stoic Philosophy 

Leaders and entrepreneurs face unprecedented difficulties every day. To overcome these challenges, leaders and entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from stoicism. Stoicism, in short, is an overlooked field of ancient philosophy. Stoic philosophy is relevant in today’s world. The time is right to learn and implement it in today’s complicated world.  Although you cannot make the world perfect, your attitude can be changed by taking positive steps towards changing it. This will allow you to live a peaceful and happy life. For inner peace, harmony and happiness, consider the stoic philosophy. 

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