Feeling Depressed? Here Are a Few Things You Can Do

Is your stomach knotty? Does your heart sink? Are you prone to having negative thoughts? Do you get suicidal tendencies? You may have depression.  Suicides and depression are a common problem worldwide. Depression can make it difficult for people to deal with their feelings and share them with others. Depression can lead to suicide even in the company of celebrities.

A state of mind, depression is. This is a temporary mental disorder. Negative self-talk can lead to a loss of energy and enthusiasm. You can tell the difference between sadness or depression. Depression is for a longer period of time, while sadness is temporary. While sadness is temporary, depression can last a long time. An extension of sadness can therefore be called depression. This is a stage where the person thinks about past experiences or bad things and continues to feel sad. These are the symptoms of depression. 

What causes depression?

Globally, depression is affecting millions. Most people don’t disclose for fear of losing their social status or being ostracized by society. Because people may be too compassionate with them, they might not appreciate it. Depressed people suffer in silence.  

Depression can be caused by many different factors. These are just a few of the causes. The main reasons are volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). The majority of people feel comfortable with certainty. Hence, they remain in their comfort zone which doesn’t lead to human growth. People who are determined to succeed face many challenges. This can lead to depression. 

Another reason for depression is the rapid growth of technology. The technology has become a part of our daily lives. They don’t use it judiciously. People compare themselves with exceptional achievers and they fall into depression because of their inability grow. People don’t realize the hardships that extraordinary achievers went through to reach this level.  This can also happen because of genetic factors.

“You say you’re ‘depressed’ – all I see is resilience. It is okay to feel messy and insecure. It doesn’t mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.” ― David Mitchell

What can you do to beat depression?

While depression can be a normal condition, failing to take the appropriate steps and identify it early enough is a serious offense. People are often confused by negative thoughts or unfavorable feelings when they feel depressed. They can overcome depression if they act quickly to transform their negative thoughts into good thoughts. Below are some methods to beat depression  

  • Always be positive and confident. Faith is the strength of your life. Have faith in your abilities. 
  • Don’t be oversensitive to problems because problems are part of life. 
  • Don’t feel shy to express your depression with others. To express your emotions and thoughts, talk to family members and friends.  
  • Don’t get into a vicious circle. Positive people are better than negative. The way someone makes friends or wears clothing can define who they are. Therefore, it is important to choose well-informed friends and dress comfortably in order to spread positive vibes. 
  • Make sure you are happy and active. 
  • You should set your goals and keep them in mind. You can break them down into short-term and long-term goals. Break down short-term goals into daily goals, and make sure you work regularly on them. This helps to keep you focused and prevents depression. 
  • Enjoy some quality time in nature. 
  • Pursue creative hobbies. 
  • Prefer physical interaction over virtual interaction.   
  • Get involved in groups and other social activities. Volunteer in non-profit organizations to help the community during your free time. This brings you great satisfaction and adds meaning to your lives. 
  • Regular meditation can help you control your emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Meditation helps you to control your emotions, and it stabilizes your thoughts. 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine. 
  • Daily breathing practice. Deep breathing exercises can help relieve tension and anxiety by allowing your body to inhale deep and exhale slowly.
  • Exposé yourself to sunlight every day for some time. You get vitamin D from the sun and your bones are strengthened.  
  • You can get adequate sleep by going to bed. 
  • Be judicious with technology. Technology is essential for updating and upgrading yourself. But don’t get addicted to technology. Make it as your servant but don’t become a servant to it. 
  • Don’t worry about failures as they are the stepping stones to your next success. And don’t worry about the results as long as you have contributed your best. 
  • Don’t compare with other achievers. Some people are successful early while others reach success later. You can be successful if you are hardworking and relentless in your pursuit of it. You are a unique person and a God’s gift to this world. Hence, don’t compare with others. 
  • Be positive when faced with challenges. Be open to the possibility that some things cannot be controlled. It is not worth worrying about factors that can’t be controlled. Recognize that each problem is unique and takes its time. Some problems are only solved when they come. You can focus your creative and productive efforts until that time. 
  • Be grateful. You should be grateful to those who have helped you climb the ladder of success. 
  • Give others forgiveness with a huge heart Forgiveness is a way to make your world better and brighten your spirits. 
  • Do not be addicted to work and embrace spiritualism. 
  • Find a work-life balance  
  • The philosophy of wealth, health, and education is the best. 
  • If you feel it is too difficult to manage or if your thoughts turn into suicidal thoughts, you should consult a mental health professional. 

Strong family relationships are key to great success. Families are there for you in times of need, offering emotional support and assistance. The power and influence of close family relationships cannot be replaced by technology. Your family is your source of happiness and peace. Technology can bring temporary joy, but it cannot replace the power of family relationships. Additionally, an empty mind is like a devil’s workshop. Therefore, use your brain to accomplish your passion tasks. This helps to overcome depression and produces productive results. 

A shoulder to cry on for depressed people is essential. Spend some time talking to someone depressed if you meet them. Don’t be afraid to lend your ears. Make sure to use humor with care 

Education is the first priority, health second and wealth third

It is common for people to give the wrong priority, leading to numerous challenges. For their life to be meaningful, they need to learn how to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. For me, health is the most important thing in my life. Education comes second and wealth third. You can’t get education if your body isn’t in good health. Wealth is easily achieved when you are healthy and educated. 

The highs as well as the lows of life are part of our daily experience. Each fall comes with a rising and each rise brings down someone. This is a fact that you must understand and take into consideration to live a balanced lifestyle. Don’t get dejected by failures and don’t get overjoyed by successes. Keep your mind calm and collected when you are dealing with depression. A temporary, curable mental disorder called depression can be treated. It is possible to overcome depression by taking the appropriate remedial steps and identifying it early. For a more positive and happy life, change your attitude towards life.  

Feeling Depressed? There are a few things that you can do. This article originally appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

Feeling depressed? There are a few things that you can do.

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