Here’s How You Can Turn Tragedy Into Triumph

Success stories are filled with triumph, tragedy, and trials. Their ability to conquer these obstacles is what makes them so compelling. The small start-up that disrupts the giants of the industry to the tiny platoon fighting a large army. Our character and resolve are tested in these situations.

When it seems like there’s nowhere to go is when the fiercest battles take place in our mind, body, and spirit. The winners are immortalized in history and those who lose are lost forever.

So what’s the difference between these titans and the average person?

It’s not social standing, stature, or even wealth. Grit and determination are what separates the wealthy from those who don’t have it. One word: perseverance. In a sea full of uncertainty, grit keeps us going. We face a tsunami of doubts, but we keep our feet on the ground.

When most people have abandoned you, sticking to your plan. Work alone and silently without any recognition. It’s this quality that makes us bend but not break. Defiance of the odds is what we do. We shake down the walls of reality.

Forever pushing the limits of what’s possible, creating new horizons and blazing our name on new frontiers. It’s this quality that makes the finest men and women of history seem like gods amongst mortals.

You can shine your brightest when you are placed in such situations either through choice or circumstance. Ability to be different and refuse to settle for failure. Strive for perfection in all aspects of life, and recognize that failure can be temporary.

It’s this self-accountability and awareness to recognize that nothing worth having comes easy. It’s about taking risks and showing up every day with enthusiasm.

“Fortune favors the brave.” – Publius Terence

Get up for the occasion

This quality is well-known by the crew of Essex. The crew of the Essex rose from the ashes when placed in difficult circumstances. This incredible tale is the inspiration for Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and a true story of perseverance and the fighting spirit.

The Essex was a whaling ship from Nantucket, Massachusetts piloted by Captain Pollard and his 20 men in the 1800’s. The vessel was submerged by a pod of sperm whales during the whaling expedition.

The crew and Captain Pollard were left to fend for themselves on three tiny rescue boats, hundreds of miles from any civilization. Many of the Essex crew made do with what little they had to survive starvation or dehydration. Unfortunately, many of these terrible circumstances resulted in the deaths of crew members, but survivors didn’t lose heart.

Many would have given up, even in such dire situations. Captain Pollard however kept his cool and encouraged his troops. The survivors survived weeks of at sea and eventually turned to cannibalism to save their lives.

The survivors survived long enough to be rescued by a passing vessel. They were found dehydrated, hungry, and no longer resemble their previous selves. The survivors returned home to Nantucket in Massachusetts with their families to try to forget about the terrible events of the sea.

Essex survivors, who faced seemingly unsurmountable odds while drowning in despair, will be forever remembered. We should strive for the same courage and resilience that they displayed in the face of despair.

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” – Roger Crawford

You can learn to defeat adversity

We aren’t in death or life-threatening situations, but we can be easily discouraged if we resist. If you are unable to say “no”, stand tall and face any challenge head-on. It is important to learn how to be a survivor, and overcome obstacles with the perseverance of a fighter.

But to do so would mean we were selling our souls and accepting the realities of life. Rather than living on our knees let’s die on our feet knowing that at the end of the day we gave life everything we had. Forever pushing ourselves beyond the comfort of our surroundings, we must leave no stone unturned.

Life is an adventure. We need to realize this and keep trying new things in the hope that something sticks. Everyone thinks that there’s such a thing as overnight success, but its years in the making. Let’s make the commitment to strengthen our resolve because if we never quit, we cannot fail.

What has been your greatest triumph in overcoming tragedy? Please share your stories below.

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The post Here’s How You Can Turn Tragedy Into Triumph first appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

The post Here’s How You Can Turn Tragedy Into Triumph appeared first on Addicted 2 Success.

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