Here’s Why You Need to Make Motivation Personal

Now you’re ready. Your goal is to overcome any Herculean challenge that stands in the way of your success. Your life is transformed and it’s time to share your talents with the rest of the world. Your next morning, you get up earlier than usual. You turn off your phone’s alarm clock with such energy you know you are going to smash the day. 

You are still slaying it after a week. You start to be noticed by those around you. Your life has changed. A week goes by and you start to feel exhausted. But you continue on. In the third week, you feel kind of sick of anything motivation related — what happened here?

This question was repeated countless times by me, until I realized that motivational products can only be used for so many years. You got a BoostMotivation from the self-help books, but not sustainable Motivation; The one that endures forever

You can only stay motivated if you personalize. Your motivation. It should be as personal as you can. Motivation must be seen from the bottom up, not just from above. top-down, perspective.

You will learn how in this article. Here are some tips to personalize motivation and build it from within.  

1. Analyse your strengths

To personalize your motivation, the first step is to identify and capitalize on your strengths.

Which is your strongest strength?

You have two options to get the right answer.

  • Review the historical context of your achievements
  • Ask your friends and family to help you.

When I was at University, for example, I received the best grade in public speech. It was also often said to me that my ability with words was impressive (I mean that very humblely). So what is all of this?

That is my charisma. My words are able to motivate others. This is how I can personalize my motivation.

If I am able to inspire others with my words then I can also inspire myself. Each day I talk to my self. To get me motivated when I feel stifled, metaphors, similes, and personifications are all I can think of. I have never been disappointed by my words.

Find your strengths, and capitalize on them.

2. Connect with the power and potential of personal symbolism

Symbolism means the use symbolism to communicate ideas. The cross, for example, is an emblem of sacrifice and redemption.

Your success and motivation are what drive everything that you do. And your strengths will help you overcome any challenges you face to get there. How can you make this all concrete?

It is not enough to be a part of your beliefs when you put them into concrete form. You can do it. Removes You are who you really are. It gives you motivation.

One example of my strengths is intensity, passion and physical energy. I also yearn to express myself, but am somewhat angry at anyone who thinks they are better at what I do. The sun symbol best represents me and my strengths.

It is a sun necklace that I am proud to wear all the time. It has become a part of me. This is how I show the world my motivation. It’s a great conversation starter.

These are just a few of the many ways you can draw upon the power and potential for motivational symbolism.

  • Pick the best symbol to represent your motivational beliefs
  • Make your ID card. All information you need should be on your ID card, including your name, photograph, and any symbol.
  • It’s a great way to express your passion through ring-, necklace- and bracelet designs that feature the symbol of choice
  • You can also get tattoos, although I don’t recommend them. These aren’t easily removable and your motivation may shift as you go along. It is not a good idea to remain rigid.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” – Elon Musk

3. Ritualise your motivation

Ritualizing motivation is another way to be true to yourself and make it part of your life. Motivation should be a daily habit, not just something that you do ‘’from time to time’’. 

Every day, motivate yourself. Remind yourself each morning to get up and do what is important. You will see the results of what you do. Imagine how it feels when you reach your goal. Visualize the money, fame, power and sex you’ll get. You can only do so much if you work hard.

Every morning, I read my motivational speech. This speech is a reflection of my deepest needs. I am the only one who can unleash its immense power. It is a poem I have read aloud, and the words resonate in my heart.

Motivation is a habit.

4. Do not try to adopt, but adapt

Good motivation articles are useful but they don’t provide the answer. Only you know what to do. Writers about motivation don’t get to know you the same way you do. Make your motivation articles from mass-produced publications more personal to suit your tastes, intelligence, and experiences.

You won’t be able to complete the task that scares you the most if you read a motivation article. It is easy to see that a motivational article could be helpful. When you’re at your most fearful, you can do the things you hate. However, ‘’when you are at your best’’ varies from individual to individual.

Use your individuality to create motivational quotes.

5. Make your breaks count!

Ignoring breaks — I have been there. Although you may think you’re strong and resilient and that is true, it won’t help you. Your motivation is just as important to keep your muscles from getting too tired after hard training. But you don’t want your motivation to fade away. I made this mistake many times.

Take a short break once or twice a week. You will look forward to a full day of relaxation when you work hard.

Also, make sure your breaks are counted. There are no mobile phones, or other electronic devices. All this time you have spent your attention on screens and documents, it has been straining the eyes. All of you need to take a rest on your day off. You can do light exercise, but not more than 20 minutes. Avoid anything and anyone that may deplete your will power reserves – including difficult friends.  

You can take breaks, but make sure you count them. You’ll come back stronger.


The most effective motivation is personalised. Personalised motivation is motivated that is deeply connected to your unique tastes, needs, experiences, logic and logic. Mass-produced motivational books are little more than guidance. These articles are only a guideline and not a solution to your personal problem: How can you stay motivated?

Ingredients are the secret, not recipes. You are the only place where you can find powerful ingredients.

The post Here’s Why You Need to Make Motivation Personal first appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

The post Here’s Why You Need to Make Motivation Personal appeared first on Addicted 2 Success.

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