Here’s Why You’re Not Living the Life of Your Dreams

You can imagine waking up every morning and smiling with happiness. You can’t wait for the day to start. But such mornings are very rare for you, aren’t they? What’s not so rare for you is waking up every day with the same boring feeling. Feeling drained and unable to be energetic in the morning. Thinking “Oh, I have to go to the office again”. And then the whole day you don’t feel very good.

It is something many people struggle with. Moreover, it is also something that should be avoided because it’s these feelings that put a person in a state of depression and anxiety. You should immediately address it.

You can’t feel sorry for yourself if you completely brainwash your mind. It is important to release all your past thoughts, and instead focus on creating new ones. This could be achieved by having one mindfulness session every morning.

Why are you feeling bad?

Your thought processes are the reason you feel miserable every day. Your mind wanders back to the past every morning when you get up in the morning. Your mind is thinking about the past, which means you’re thinking back to a previous problem. What makes something a memory?

Memory is an experience that occurred in the past and that generated emotion. Past experiences can cause emotions. You suddenly feel sad when you remember a past experience.

You are not aware of the fact that it has become a habit. It becomes a habit that you repeat over and over again.

If you want to feel good every day, if you don’t want to think of the past but the future, then you should be practicing the six steps routine given below every morning when you wake up.

1. Get disconnected from the rest of the world

The first thing to do when you wake up in the morning is get on a couch, chair or floor. The next step is to get rid of anything that could disturb your sessions. You should create a peaceful and quiet environment.

Do this first thing in your morning. Don’t check on your phone for emails or messages. After the session is over, turn off your phone and you will be able to check your messages.

Deepen your breathing, take a few deep breathes and feel the peace.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs

2. Centre your attention

Start the breathing awareness meditation. Focus on the rhythm of your breath. Concentrate on the way that air is getting into your nostrils. Find out how the air leaves your nose as you exhale. Continue this process for at most 5 minutes.

During the process, your mind might wander to the past or future thoughts but it is okay, you don’t need to get frustrated about it. Be aware of these thoughts and focus on inhaling, exhaling.

Continue the process for at most 5 minutes.

3. Practice Gratitude

Consider the great things in your life and give thanks to God. Ask yourself the question “what are the things that I am grateful for?” and really dive into that question.

You will begin to feel the incredible things God has blessed you with.

You will notice a huge change in your outlook when you practice gratitude. You will see things differently. This will allow you to be happier than ever.

4. Visualize yourself as your future self

The third thing you need to do is ask yourself these questions, “Can I be defined by a future vision rather than the memories of the past?”, “What do I want to do in Life?”

The answer to these questions will make your mind change. The new patterns and combinations that your brain creates will be reflected in the way you think. That’s the beginning of changing your mind.

Next, choose the emotion you would like to feel. When you’re thinking about the future, let it affect your emotions. Don’t get up until you feel those emotions. This is how you will begin to imagine the future.

5. Letting go of the past

Without letting go your past, you cannot create a bright future. Decide on what habits and thoughts you can’t bring to the future. Note them. Thoughts like, I am not sure, I am not confident enough, I am afraid if, I can’t, etc. Also, choose the thoughts and behaviors you want to carry into the future.

Don’t dwell on the past and forget your emotions. Instead, create new emotions and behavior that will resonate with your future.


The Habits we have are the repeated thoughts and actions that make us feel bad. So, if you think about problems every day you are going to be sad and frustrated every time and you won’t even know why. You can let your mind control your body.

To be in control your mind you must pay attention to your thoughts. You must also think about the future to be content.

To create a brighter future, you should practice this daily routine. It is worth taking the time. Some people find this process takes only 15 minutes while for others, it can last up to two hours. All depends on you.

The post Here’s Why You’re Not Living the Life of Your Dreams first appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

The post Here’s Why You’re Not Living the Life of Your Dreams appeared first on Addicted 2 Success.

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