How Cloud-Based Cycle Counting Improves Warehouse Inventory Accuracy

Steve Russell, Vice President of Software Engineering and an experienced supply chain leader at Cloud Inventory® joins Enterprise Radio us to discuss cloud-based cycle counting and explain its benefits in warehousing.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Steve Russell discuss the following:

  1. Why should companies choose cycle counting over physical inventories when it comes to warehousing?
  2. Is it possible to have an incorrect inventory view?
  3. How do you overcome the challenges that companies have when trying to complete field cycle counts?
  4. What are some key advantages of Cloud Inventory for cycle counting? Cloud Inventory will be the leader in cycle counting.
  5. What’s next for cycle counting in terms of innovations and improvements?

Steve Russell is the Vice President of Software Engineeringfor Cloud Inventory®, a company that empowers organizations with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field.

An accomplished IT executive with extensive experience in hands-on technical design, development, and implementation operations, Steve’s history of expertise, particularly in enterprise-based integrations, interoperability, and implementation services management, make him a decisive and intellectual leader who regularly delivers business intelligence solutions

Based in Kansas City, Cloud Inventory’s global team has the supply chain knowledge and mobile-first development expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges.


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