How Digital Writers Can Build an NFT Empire

Imagine you’re a fisherman. After hours of hard work, you catch your first big fish. All the work was worth it, and you’re expecting a big payday. It is bought by a local grocery store. That’s it. Then it ends. Tomorrow, you will have to repeat the process and hopefully catch the next fish.

However, what if the same fish would make you more money over time? Imagine royalties, but paid by your audience.

The fisherman receives a percentage if the grocery stores sells the product at the retail price. The customer will cook it for them. When the customer serves the neighbor, you get paid. You get paid if the customer shares your recipe.

They can make a living as digital writers by creating assets. You don’t just get paid to write a piece, or make money from affiliate links. It’s productizing your work and inviting your biggest fans to invest in you.

Start experimenting with content and creating valuable assets online.

But First…Build Your Audience

You won’t get exposure through NFTs. You must build your digital audience and nurture it. By writing consistently, using social media and networking, you create an audience. Their investment in you is a result of your added value.

Your fans will want to support you, and many would like to “own” a piece of their favorite works by you. You will make your NFTs more accessible and valuable as you build your network. To build exposure for your brand, a NFT strategy that is successful will be based on building awareness.

Mint NFTs are for your Top Articles

Digital writers know how crucial it is to create content daily. You will be more visible the more you write. It increases the chances of a piece of content being viewed by a wider audience.

Rarely, I will identify the best piece of content. Medium, my website or social media might allow me to reach a lot of people. These “viral” pieces of content help build a fan base. The content was loved by them. It added value and helped them.

These are great opportunities to make NFTs. A GIF, scrolling video or image from your article could be offered for sale. The digital representation of your work could be owned by one person or a few. It is possible to offer benefits such as meeting you by video for a discussion. Make sure to share your best content so that they can become collectible assets.

Signing your NFTs can make them more valuable and distinctive. Signing them allows you to give your NFTs a piece, and they also have the option of becoming a fan.

You can create an NFT-only eBook

Exclusively releasing an ebook for NFT is a great way to make money as a digital writer. The ebook is a buzz-worthy, innovative experience that provides a unique community benefit.

Ish Verduzco is an ex-LinkedIn employee who became a marketer. He published his book in NFT. The author offers benefits to readers who buy the book. They can then sell it and make a profit. It’s a win-win for both the reader and the author.

Imagine selling an eBook in limited quantities. These eBooks can be more expensive, but if someone sells them they can also be bought by another person. Single chapters can be sold if you feel it’s practical. You can make them collectible and valuable assets. While there are many versions of these NFTs, they can be limited in number to ensure exclusivity. The selling price of the NFT could rise as it becomes more popular.

You can sell NFTs for your book covers or original images

If you are a writer, you’re likely dealing with your books or articles images. It is possible to turn images into collectible assets. You could buy an NFT from the first publication of The Great Gatsby. It is possible to support an author or invest in assets you feel will rise in value.

You can make a name for yourself in the art industry by selling an NFT of original images. It’s the most exciting space in the NFT market right now. This can help you increase your visibility. This creates a brand new asset from something that you have.


While we might not be able to make every article we write, such as low-performing articles or blogs, we are able to create value out of it. You will likely include strong one-liners in your content. These small pieces of content can be called NFTs.

Tweets are the new buzzword. You could take a picture of a viral tweet to make it viral. Creators have made many thousands. There are many ways to make great sentences, including popular tweets and other writing. Micro-content can help increase your NFT library, and it will also grow your brand.

Crypto, as NFTS is crypto MetaverseWriters can experiment and prepare for new innovations as they arise. As you create your digital assets, you will be able to build a digital empire.

How Digital Writers can Build an NFT Empire originally appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

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