How gaming technology can help enterprise companies and entrepreneurs better connect with their customers

Enterprise Radio is joined by Alexander Fernandez, an entrepreneur from Latin America whose passion it is to build value in the traditional and videogame industries. The passion he has for gaming led him to grow Streamline Media Group to a large business, with more than 180 employees on 3 continents. He also owns several brands.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Alexander FernandezDiscuss the following:

  1. What is the best way to get into gaming?
  2. How was Streamline Media Group founded and what has happened to it over the last two decades?
  3. What is Streamline’s main focus today?
  4. You often talk about the metaverse – what exactly is that?
  5. What can gamers technology do to help entrepreneurs and enterprises better communicate with customers?
  6. What’s next for Streamline?

Alexander, a LatinX entrepreneur, is passionate about Building value between traditional and videogame industriesHe is. He used his passion to grow Streamline, a gaming startup, into a multinational business that employs over 180 people on 3 continents and has multiple brands within the Streamline Media Group. Technology must be used to help people progress, and the creative economic can serve as a launch pad for emerging markets. 

Alexander speaks frequently at conventions and events in the industry, covering topics such as entrepreneurship, financing, outsourcing, gaming, non-gaming technology, organization design, business model, and finance. His past speaking engagements include GDC, European  Commission, NASCOM, Israeli Games, Game Connection, E3, and many others. His work has appeared in numerous trade and industry magazines, including the SHRM Executive Network Quarterly publication, People + Strategy magazine, Forbes, Newsweek and Thomson Reuters Foundation. 

He is currently a member on Gamescom’s advisory board and the Forbes Council. In 2016, Alexander was accepted into Endeavor, a global network of high-impact entrepreneurs and Harvard Business School’s OPM program. Prior to that he was an advisory board member for the Game Developer Conference Europe, Game Connection, and the European Game Developer’s Federation.

Alexander started Video Games Real Talk in 2020. This podcast is about video game business, future and how non-gaming businesses can profit from gamification and metaverse. 

Alexander lives in Las Vegas with his spouse and two kids. There he focuses on expanding Streamline Media Group to emerging markets. 


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