How Great Leaders Can Transmit Safety

A group of leaders with their values and practices of their company

“Am I comfortable with the values and practices of my company, and do they align with those I want to live by?” This is an ethical question directed to those in leadership positions by the seasoned C-suite executive, CEO, and author, Jozef (Jos) Opdeweegh.

Which type of leader would you be? Are you considered a leader who is a visionary and a trailblazer? While work safety should be everyone’s obligation, leaders of the most successful companies hold employee wellbeing in high regard and, therefore, are proactively committed to safety.

A safe work environment makes good business sense because competent, motivated, and secure employees are more productive, which is ideal for a company’s bottom line. Here’s how you can fulfill your moral obligation as a safety leader as you navigate your path to an ethical career:

values open to fresh ideas?”

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