How to 10x your company with Mark E. Watson

Enterprise Radio welcomes Mark E. Watson as the Chairman and Founder of Aquila Capital Partners. Mark has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur investing in startups and growing companies.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Mark E. Watson discuss the following:

  1. How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?
  2. What’s your biggest business achievement?
  3. We’ll walk you through how entrepreneurs can create 10x growth in their companies.
  4. We would love to know more about you portfolio companies, and the people that you have invested in.
  5. Are there any advice you can give to young entrepreneurs who are looking for success?
  6. What direction do you see business going in the next 2 years?

Mark’s mission is to support the next generation of entrepreneurs building purpose-driven, innovative, technology-enabled companies.

Aquila capital Partners, which he established in 1998 as a private capital investment fund, allows him to do this. Mark and his team invested through Aquila in companies that range from small fintech consumer lending firms to conversational AI platforms to physician-dispensed skincare lines.


Over the course of Mark’s career, which spans three decades, he built two public companies, the most recent being Argo Group, a specialty insurance, and reinsurance provider. Under Mark’s leadership, Argo Group went from being nearly insolvent to a global business with clients on six continents and over $3.5 billion dollars in revenue.  He’s also credited with creating a new approach to specialty insurance and reinsurance.

Mark regularly writes on subjects such as the future of work and small-business recovery, sustainability for business, leadership, and Philanthropy.


Aquila’s work is not the only thing Mark loves. He also deeply believes in Philanthropy and founded the Foundation with AnaPaula Vasquez. AnaPaula Vasquez and Mark created the foundation to give money to charities that help children who live in poverty both in America and Bermuda.

Mark and AnaPaula were active in supporting multiple charitable causes that focus on children before establishing this foundation. They supported food banks, schools-based charities, dance schools and many other organizations.

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