How to Be at Your Best When Bad Things Are Happening

Two years ago have been difficult to say the very least. Between people losing their jobs, businesses going under, and the medical condition of the world threatening our freedoms, it’s been a significant amount of trauma for us to adapt to as a collective. Positively, we have learned the value of resilience over the last two year.

But surviving isn’t enough. It is impossible to make it through life. What can you do to make the most of bad situations? How can you show up for yourself to make sure that you’re in the best possible position to be nimble and pivot as necessary, but also stay in alignment with who you really are?

These secrets will help you stay on top when things get more difficult.

You can be your best

When life has a season that drops you to your knees repeatedly, the very first thing you want to do is go back to basics because when things get tough, your mind defaults back to your most engrained coping habits—ranging from counter-productive to dangerously destructive. It can mean cutting down on sleep and binging TV for escape. This could also lead to isolation from other people. People also tend to eat comfort foods like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and ice cream that makes them feel safe but doesn’t actually support their bodies. 

It’s okay to have these moments. Sometimes everyone needs a little break. But if these have become your main coping mechanisms, it’s time to go back to basics so that you’re supporting a strong, healthy nervous system that can help you manage the stress. 

It is important to eat healthy, get enough sleep and take care of your body. This will help you manage your stress levels. You can take care of your body in many different ways. It could be going outside to enjoy the natural world, having massages to release tension, or working out to make sure your body is ready to take on whatever comes your way. Make sure to pay close attention and make those activities a priority in your life.

This will help you to take your mental health and energy management skills to the next level. Your mind has an impact on your body. If you want your machine to run properly, you have to take care of its operating system—your mind. This can be done through meditation, journaling, conversation, personal development, learning new skills, and other methods to maintain a healthy mind. You also need to be mindful of how much energy you are using. Even though they take equal amounts of time, there are some things that require more energy. You may find it takes less energy to read for an hour than to talk to your mother for the same amount of time. When you understand how you spend energy, you’re able to craft your days more intentionally so that you don’t overspend one day and rob yourself of energy for the rest of the week.

These things can help you build your foundation so that you are able to handle any problems.

“Your reality is as you perceive it to be. So it is true, that by altering this perception we can alter our reality.” -William Constantine

Not-for-seen catches

A solid foundation is not enough. You also need tools that will help you get through an emergency. These practices are useful for when emergencies strike and you require immediate assistance. Grounding and breathing exercises are our two favourite categories of emergency catch.

If you haven’t taught yourself to consciously breathe, you’re likely a shallow breather. This means that you inhale fully but only breathe into your chest. Proper breathing is deeper than normal, reaching the abdomen and making the diaphragm work. This is the best way to properly oxygenate your body, blood, and brain. Because this is crucial. Deep breathingYou can release stress and promote a healthy immune system. Deeper breathing can be achieved by doing breathing exercises such as lying on your stomach, placing your hands on the lower abdomen and inhaling into them to pull them back.

In emergency situations, grounding exercises can be very useful. People may be unable to separate themselves from their bodies in times of stress or trauma. This means that the world may not feel real to you, it can seem as if you’re outside of your body, or you may not be experiencing reality as it truly is because of the disconnect from the feelings of your body. Sometimes things can become hazy and you may lose your ability to concentrate. These things can be difficult for you. Grounding exercises will help bring your awareness back to the body. It is important that you remember this if your body needs to be in control. Through your emotions, you can get information from the body. If you’re disconnected from your body, it becomes difficult to read those signs which can lead to making misaligned choices or having a skewed perspective. Grounding yourself allows you to reconnect with your body’s messages, making it easier for you to make better decisions.

You can ground yourself by sitting comfortably on the floor with your whole body touching the surface. Then imagine that the Earth is growing roots. Imagine those roots pull in the nutrients and nurturing of the Earth’s pulse, as you bring your awareness to your breath. Feel what it’s like to breathe deeply into your belly. Be aware of how your ribs expand. Start to relax your feet and calves. Next release your tension by moving up the body. You can bring your attention back to your body and refill your tank by focusing on it.

It’s important to remember that not everything needs a response now. It is much better to operate from calm than fear and anger. These are great exercises that you can use to help your emotional state if it starts tipping in this direction.

Daily energy practices that are often forgotten

You can shift your energy in many powerful ways. You can use the power and influence of the spoken word to transform your energy. 

Resonance is a property of your voice. This means you can use your voice to command your mind and energy to concentrate in a certain way. Your mind is the catalyst for your body’s health. If you are willing to put your thoughts into words and direct your energy to create positive change, it is possible to make an impact on your body’s health. 

If you are tired, you can ask for energy to recharge your energy. To make your space happy and peaceful, you can feel negative energy. For this to happen, it is important that you believe what you say. 

This takes time and practice, and that’s okay. Consistent action leads to results, and the more you use this spoken word energy clearing technique, the better it will work.

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