How to be Successful on Youtube

Bestdressed shared actionable tips for creating viral content and growing your Youtube audience. I was also given a glimpse into the dark sides of internet fame and how to avoid self-loathing.

Be consistent. Be yourself.

Bestdressed credits her success to sticking to a strict schedule that required her to post regularly. Bestdressed says, “It can push your boundaries if you don’t feel inspired or motivated to put out something or try something new.” This same strategy is used to combat perfectionism, which can hinder you from sharing your content with others.

Ashley Villa, who is the founder and managing partner at Rare Global, a female-run talent management firm that includes Bestdressed magazine and Michelle Phan strongly agrees. First, you must enjoy creating content. Second, you need to be consistent. Villa says that the best way to achieve this is to focus on your interests and unique perspectives, then adapt your content to your needs.

Bestdressed thought that she had to be bubbly and smiley when she started her Youtube channel in her senior year of highschool. People started to connect with her once she was able to be herself. This is not an easy task, as everyone gets inspiration from others. Bestdressed says that the magic happens when people get comfortable with the camera and feel like themselves.

Jenn Im, a Youtuber and social media influencer, is another creator who is also pursuing their passions in order to create content. Villa says that Jenn has recently begun to concentrate more on Korean food content. She loves to cook, entertain and share her culture with loved ones. This shines through her videos, which are a huge hit with her subscribers.

Get more people to follow you by collaborating

Collaborations are a great idea for Youtube creators. Villa says that sharing content with other creators who are supportive is a great way for you to get exposure and grow your audience.

A collaboration must be organically logical in order to succeed. Villa has the following tips to share with all Youtubers: “Viewers can detect inauthenticity. They are smart.” Reach out to other content creators you enjoy watching and work together to create a video that you can share on your respective channels. People can be excited to meet new guests on familiar platforms and make new friends.

You won’t become “Youtube Rich” overnight.

Bestdressed took between one and a quarter to two years to make $100 on a YouTube video. It can be frustrating and difficult to keep motivated after spending two years creating content. Bestdressed urges us all to keep working at Youtube because these efforts “snowball” and pay off over time.

Be safe from “digital self harm”

Bestdressed is sensitive and sets boundaries to protect herself against “digital self harm.” This is when one scrolls to find mean comments about others or searches for their name on a gossip site.

To avoid digital self-loathing, she only read a few comments on her Youtube videos after they were uploaded. Bestdressed believes that it is vital to have strong support networks in real-life. She finds comfort in interacting with her childhood friends, who are there for her no matter what she thinks, and helps her to stay grounded, despite all the fame.

Bestdressed says, “They help me peel away any unconscious layers of BS I’ve placed on top of myself…because they just couldn’t BS infront of them.”

A loyal and engaged Youtube audience is not possible by any means.

Bestdressed doesn’t believe in trying to create viral videos. She believes that the key to Youtube success is hard work and great content. She believes in reverse-click baiting, which she calls “reverse click baiting”.

“I don’t want my titles misleading, but I want to make sure the video is better than the title suggests. She explains that people will feel the video is better than what they expected.

Bestdressed is a UCLA graduate with a focus in screenwriting. Here are some of her top tips for creating engaging video content on Youtube.

A strong introduction sets the tone for your video and familiarizes viewers with your content.

You can remove any filler or unnecessary content from your video. Combining footage is a good idea. To make your video shorter, you could overlay your footage of you talking on top of your “montage footage”, if you’re making a vlog.

Ask yourself this question: “Is this a video I would click on and be happy to watch?” If no, then you need to work harder before posting it.

Natural lighting is very powerful. You can make a webcam footage look professional. If possible, face a window that has natural lighting.

Visuals are not as important as sound. People won’t watch videos with poor sound quality. Even if your video has poor sound quality or you are shooting on your smartphone, people will still view it if the sound quality is good.” Bestdressed says. A good microphone is a must, but you can also record with the Voice Memos app for your iPhone. Bestdressed suggests that you just add subtitles in a cute font to fix any audio issues.

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