How to Give Yourself Permission to Work in An Optimized State

A global shift is taking place across corporations and organizations. Employees are declaring they want more freedom – not just in where they work but in how and when they work as well. More employees are requesting remote work, even for a fraction of the time. This revolution is taking place. Companies that provide full-time, flexible remote work options, or at minimum hybrid opportunities, are more successful in attracting, maintaining, and retaining their staff. Organisations waiting for the rules and routines to be restored are losing their employees, while leaders struggle to keep up with the changing tides.

Corporations adopting this new belief system that “we are not going back to old ways” are the ones who are attracting employees, retaining employees, and having higher levels of employee satisfaction. They are the ones that will outperform their competitors because they recognize the importance of the evolving way employees work and how it will benefit the company.

All the evidence points to this change in working practices becoming the norm. However, there are some unexpected and surprising psychological consequences. This is a feeling of guilt or inability to allow yourself to function at its best. This can seem bizarre if you are hit with it, “Why am I feeling guilty? It’s possible to work anywhere, on any schedule. Isn’t this what I’ve always dreamed of having?”

Feelings of guilt can occur at any level of consciousness or subconscious. This could be disruptive for your mental health. What is the source of this guilt? This guilt is a result of our lives being programmed to work in an environment where there are strict rules and a boss. This has been ingrained in us from the time we began school. To start classes, we had to be in the classroom by the bell. The same mental conditioning that allows us to get permission from others has also been instilled into our decisions, thoughts, behaviors and, most importantly, the underlying beliefs of what permission is.

Because of the worldwide pandemic many companies had to permit their workers to work remotely. This led to an entirely new culture shift within corporate culture. The employees now feel independent and are in control of their time, place, and work schedule.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

How does it feel to be able to do your work at your own pace? This question is one that many people never have to answer. It was something that happened to me firsthand, when I worked in high-pressure corporate jobs with very tight deadlines. The breakdown forced me to evaluate my work life and mindset, as well as the core beliefs and motivations that led to them.

Turns out, allowing myself the freedom to work where and when I choose instead of adhering to an outdated environment or schedule was one of my most difficult psychological changes. It was difficult to allow myself to do so. The only way to gain permission is by letting go the guilt. Because we were taught that productivity is limited to a certain time and place, it makes sense to feel guilty. If you strayed from the confines of the traditional paradigm you would be considered lazy or a rulebreaker. Although it makes sense that you feel guilty, you’ll find out why you aren’t able to reach your maximum productivity.

Therefore, you’ll have more impact and faster results if your work environment allows you to do so. No matter if you’re a leader leading other people or an employee looking to make the most of your time so that your family can live a full life, you should be your best self.

Your success will skyrocket if guilt is dropped and you give up on the 9-5. As more and more people adopt this new way of thinking and being, these old patterns will begin to become just that – old-fashioned. We now understand that smoking can be dangerous for your health. And we’ll look back on the antiquated ways we were productive in the corporate workplace as destructive beliefs that lead to overwhelm, burnout and other causes of stress and breakdown.

You can let go of guilt next time there is an opportunity to work remotely. You will find that this simple phrase, “I permit myself to be free” will set you up for long-term success. You can now give yourself permission for you to become the most optimal version of yourself. This will encompass all the factors necessary to reach your goals. Your day-to-day results will be more creative, joyful, energetic, and effective.

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