How to Let Go of Emotions and Thoughts That Hold You Down

Are you having trouble letting go of people, situations and feelings? Can’t seem to shake off the negative thoughts and feelings that are lingering around? It is clear that you wish to let these negative feelings go but don’t know how or where to begin. This article is for you if this describes you. These six steps will assist you to let go of negative emotions and thoughts, as well as help you find the right ones that align with your authentic self. This article will help you realize that you are in control of your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

1. You are what you feel

You can begin this exercise by being open to feeling what you feel by connecting with your emotions. Yep, that’s right; I’m suggesting that you sit with them and feel them, even if the thought of this scares you. Although this may seem uncomfortable, it is the first step to letting go and acknowledging your emotions. This can be done without judging, criticizing, fearing or feeling guilty. This is what it means. This means it doesn’t mean that they should be told a story, but instead identify them. Just feelings. Allow yourself to feel the emotion and not try to control it. 

2. Let them go in a positive way

After you are able to sit with your emotions it’s time for you to let them go in a healthy manner. Everyone has their own method of getting rid of thoughts and emotions. It is important to find what works best for you. People often suppress, repress or react negatively to their emotions. You will only delay the process by following unhealthy patterns and cause fear, anxiety, and stuckness. Journaling, crying or exercise are all good ways to let go of these feelings. Do not judge, or create a story out of your emotions. Just let them go.

“Emotion can be the enemy, if you give into your emotion, you lose yourself. You must be at one with your emotions, because the body always follows the mind.” – Bruce Lee

3. Your breathing is the most important thing.

The greatest blessing we have is our breath. If used to its full potential, our breath helps us to relax, concentrate, and be more aware of what is around us. Take a moment to relax and notice your breath. Focus on your inhale, exhale, and close your eyes for ten breaths. Focus on only the air coming and going through your body. If emotions or thoughts arise, you can tell them that they will be returned to you shortly. After the exercise, you can begin to feel how your soul, mind and body are responding. You will find a calm place where you can make clear decisions and think positively. 

4. Take a step outside yourself

Once you have calmed down, it is time to start the visualisation exercise. Begin by closing your eyes and imagining that you are stepping out of your physical body and looking down at yourself from a bird’s eye view. Sending love, positivity, and strength to yourself as you gaze down. At least three times, repeat the affirmations. “I choose to send you love, positive energy, and strength. You have all the answers you need to move forward with grace and freedom.” Let yourself be praised for taking part in personal development activities. 

5. Do you have questions? 

After you have acknowledged and praised your idea, consider the thought or belief that you are letting go. Next, consider the following: “Does this thought or belief serve me to my highest good?”Repeat the statement at least three more times if you get a no. “I choose to let this thought go, as it does not support me in my highest good.” 

6. Use affirmations 

Repeat this sentence, and mentally return to the body. You will notice a new attitude, outlook, and energy as you repeat this exercise. You’ll be more conscious of what you do and how you feel. You can repeat this statement throughout the day, as well affirmations, to keep yourself in a loving, conscious vibration. Some examples include: “I choose love,” I choose to forgive others and myself, and “I choose to be happier in the now.” now.

This six-step procedure can help you let go of any thoughts or feelings that are not serving you. It is possible to do this regardless of how severe and intense the situation. You have the ability to decide what to hold onto and what to let go. You control your own life.

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