People are opinionated, so it isn’t surprising that polls are such a hit among the masses. From social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube to professional platforms like LinkedIn, polls are a big hit.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to increase your YouTube engagement but are unable to do so, it is worth looking into community posts, comments, and likes. Have you tried YouTube polls before? It is relatively recent and most creators use it to gather real-time feedback.

But the question is, “How do you make a poll on YouTube?” This article explores more detail to help you grow and expand your channel to your target audience.

What’s a YouTube Poll?

YouTube Poll

YouTube polls sound exactly like they are. These are surveys that online video creators can create using YouTube to receive real-time feedback.

In real-time, both creators and audience see the poll results. Most YouTubers create polls to get comprehensive knowledge about their content or prepare for challenges based on their audience’s choices.

A YouTube poll allows creators to:

  • Determine the level of engagement with their audience
  • It can be used to help you get an idea of what the audience would prefer doing.

These polls can be used by YouTubers to get their audience involved in videos. For example, videos like “Followers control what I eat in a day” are excellent examples of how YouTubers use the polling method on YouTube to get clear answers from the bulk of their audience.

Guidelines for making a YouTube Poll

“Can everyone make a YouTube poll?”

The answer to technical questions is both yes and no. The eligibility requirements you must meet will determine the answer. To publish polls, both YouTubers as well as subscribers must meet certain criteria.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know:

Creators of content:

YouTube channels require at least 500 subscribers to be able to access the YouTube community posts feature. From there, polls can generated.

You must wait at least one week if you’re a brand new creator with 500 subscribers. Then, you will be able to access the YouTube community tab.

Ensure that your channel isn’t set for kids.


You must log in to your YouTube account to cast your vote on the YouTuber poll.

Mobile users should download the YouTube app for Android and iOS in order to vote.

How do you make a YouTube poll?

The next step is to cross-check that your eligibility for creating a YouTube survey. Creating a poll isn’t rocket science. We recommend that you concentrate on the steps required to create a poll.

Before you follow the steps, we’d recommend that you have access to YouTube Studio because that’s where you will be able to create the YouTube polls.

Here are some steps to take after that:

1. Herd Over to YouTube Studio & Create New Post

The first thing to do is go to YouTube Studio once you have a clear idea of what you want to put in the poll. This is where you’d find all your posting options.

You will find the Create button on YouTube Studio’s homepage. Tap it to activate it. From there, tap on the “Create Post” button.

The Community tab will then be selected. From there, you will find the “Poll” option, more on which is discussed in the following steps.

2. Create your own YouTube poll

Once you find the “Poll” option under your YouTube Community tab, the next thing is to design and create the poll.

To open the poll options, tap on the Poll button. To open the Poll option, type the question to which you wish the poll be related.

After the question has been typed, you can now enter your voting options. YouTube creators can only put four choices into every YouTube poll.

Before you publish, we recommend that you read through the entire poll content several times. You want to cross-check and proofread to ensure there aren’t any spelling or typing errors in the poll.

3. Upload your YouTube Poll

Now you need to publish the poll that has been created. The poll can be published in one of two ways. You can either tap on the “Post” button and immediately post the poll or schedule it.

The Published and Scheduled tab will help you keep track of the different contents you have posted to your audience so you don’t end up repeating and publishing the same poll twice.

To create and publish YouTube polls, these are the steps that you should follow. The steps aren’t complicated and are the same irrespective of whether you access YouTube Studio from the web or the app.

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YouTube Polls: Are the Answers Anonymous?

While the creator posting the YouTube poll won’t be able to post it anonymously, the subscribers have complete autonomy over their answers.

You cannot track the votes you have left in the polls. Unlike Instagram check-in boxes where the username of the account is visible, the same isn’t the case with YouTube polls.

Your vote is anonymized. The creator, along with other YouTube subscribers will not be able track your answer.


Youtube polls can be a fantastic tool for measuring audience engagement. This allows creators to get real-time insights into their channel metrics. So, if you aren’t leveraging the most out of your YouTube Community tab, you are losing out on reaching your potential audience. One of the best things about polls, they’re public. You have the ability to reach wider audiences by using polls.

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