How to Make Money As a 13 Year Old

Make Money As a 13-Year-Old

Numerous 13-year-olds are eager to start their own business to purchase the best sneakers and the latest technology. They also want money so they can go out with friends.

It may seem boring, but you can start saving even at an early age. You can save even a little each month, after your salary is paid. This will give you an edge over others in the long-term.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive view on the 13-year-old’s ability to earn money.

What is the best age to start working?

A 13-year-old American can still work in the United States. But labor regulations require that you continue school and work after school hours.

You must be more inventive when looking for methods to generate money because many of the largest firms won’t recruit anyone under 13.

15 Ways To Make Money as a 13-Year-Old13-Year-Old 

These are the top ways that teenagers can earn money.

Swagbucks: Complete tasks

Swagbucks lets you earn extra money by taking part in surveys. But it’s also a free app that will pay you to play games in addition to surveys. It’s even better: the minimum age you can use it is thirteen years.

It’s straightforward for a 13-year-old to earn money by filling out such surveys. This is because finishing one only takes a short amount of time and is simple to complete on your phone (or computer, if you don’t yet have a phone); who doesn’t enjoy expressing their opinions?

You can find many different survey websites. They pay little so they are not worth your time. Surveys should be done only on legitimate websites that offer payment.

Pet Sit and Dog Walk

You might be able to help someone else by finding a dog-walking or pet-feeding job, even if they don’t need one.

Because some dogs have extended families, there are many options to take care of them when they are away from their owners.

Asking about this possibility could lead to you finding employment much sooner than expected. You should exercise extreme caution when you meet strangers or visit their homes.

This is why it’s preferable to get the job via people you know such as family, friends, and neighbors.

BabySit after School

While there are some guidelines that must be followed by childcare professionals, parents often trust the abilities of their teenagers to care for their kids.

Why not volunteer to watch their children if your parents’ friends would love to have a night out without worrying about the kids?

You could offer to do the initial work free of charge in order to determine if it is a win-win situation.

It’s possible to quickly find employment. This type of employment is where word of mouth can be a big help.

Garden Work

As a teenager, one of your most difficult side jobs is to work in the garden for neighboring families. You should first determine who needs to do yard labor in your neighborhood at any given time.

People in your area could need help with lawn mowing during the summer, and clearing the snow off driveways and paths in winter.

Art and crafts can be sold

You can earn extra income by selling your artwork as an artist or creative teenager.

You can get creative, make things to sell when you’re 13, and then list them online.

The items can be published on local Facebook Marketplaces or sold on Etsy. There are many options available to you, as there is a huge range of amazing goods that can be sold.

You might offer graphics, knitting or crocheted items, jewelry, artwork or t-shirts to raise additional funds.

Baked Goods for Sale

Your parents may help you start your own bakery and make baked goods available to the community.

You will require materials and tools to start. When you are prepared with the required ingredients and tools for cooking, it is time to start listing the types of baked goods you plan to make. This point is your chance to use all of your imagination and design an entire menu.

Advertise your bakery products on social networks like Facebook and Instagram to attract customers.

Set up a Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a legitimate method for a teenager to generate money – however, you don’t have to restrict yourself to lemonade.

You can sell almost anything, depending on what season. You could even be able to set up a booth at a nearby farmers’ market or a venue of a similar nature.

Look for a spot that gets a lot of foot traffic,preferably on a weekend or Sunday morning. Wait for the cash to start flowing in.

You Can Sell Candy at Your School

There’s no reason why you can’t sell items the same way other people do to raise money for charity if you’ve observed people doing it at school.

Selling chocolates around Valentine’s Day, Easter, or candy canes around Christmas can be very profitable to do this during the holidays.

You might also market stationary and gum year round. You can also consider items that you are able to purchase in bulk to increase your profits per item.

Cleaning Garage and Basement

Most people have a garage full of unused boxes that they promise to open “one day.” However, it should come as no surprise that day virtually never arrives. People often become more anxious about finding someone who can solve their problems.

And for that reason—especially if you’re searching for a career where you can work alone—you may use this to earn money. These tasks include helping to select items that can be recycled, sorting out the boxes and reorganizing them in a more organized way. You might also help sweep out these areas, by offering your time and volunteering to clean them.

Make a career as a teenage actor

Are you a performer? This acting career might be for you. If you are passionate about acting, there may be several steps to get started.

Your acting skills may improve. You can connect with others performers by joining an acting class in the community. After taking acting classes, I noticed that I was more comfortable on the stage and had a slightly better recall of my lines. You can search online for acting schools in your local area.

Keep practicing even after you have completed your acting class. This can be used to help you practice and improve, as well as prepare for auditions.

Perform at your local gig

As a 13 year old, you can also earn some extra money by performing at local gigs. If a child has a strong voice and is passionate about performing, becoming a singer can be a great way to make money.

Your overall sales can be increased by having your products on display at live shows and getting paid for performing in various venues. You can sell T-shirts and CDs as well as buttons, CDS, agendas, pamphlets, etc.

Writing for business owners 

Freelance writing is one of the best ways for 13-year olds to make a living from home. For freelance work, your talents can be promoted on sites such as Instagram or Facebook. You may also use your parents’ assistance to promote your services on websites like Fiverr.

Independent writers are also used by many businesses to write blog posts, research papers, articles, etc.

Get involved in painting

If you’re a skilled painter who wants to make money, this can be a great side-business. As a painter, you can determine whether locals need assistance with their homes’ interior or exterior painting. This is because they have a constant need for the side job.

Advertise your painting company on social media and consider posting flyers in your local community. It will spread the word about your business and encourage people to contact you.

Organization and cleaning

This one, despite not being very original, is extremely effective.

A 13-year old might agree to do a few odd jobs or chores in return for money.

There are typically two methods to achieve this: either you’ll receive a single payment for performing a whole list of tasks each week, or there may be a defined price per task, with cost dependent on how many you complete. 

You can think of the weekends chores they complain about being forced to do around their house. If they can do it this way, it might make them more willing to pay you.

Enjoy playing games

Playing games to make money is more enjoyable than anything.

There are many games for kids. Although these games were designed by adults or professionals, the game was not tried out by them. They always ask for children to play the game before putting it on the market. Children can easily analyze the games and also know the tastes of their peers.

This helps businesses determine if their product is profitable and has high market potential. You can play ahead of your competitors and get paid for it.

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

What Should a 13-year-old Earn?

A 13-year old who works as a yard worker or delivers paper can make between $100 and $200 per week, depending on the frequency of their work.

A 13-year old cannot be expected to work traditional office hours like a 9-to-5 job. Take it slow, and try working five to fifteen hours each week.

Is it possible to find a paying job at age 13?

Undoubtedly, you will be compensated by age 13 Sometimes, students are paid for performing tasks such as painting or yard work, writing, and more.

What Can a Teenager Do to Make $1000?

If you are able to plan your venture and have the right approach, it is possible to earn $1,000 while a teenager. To help you reach your goals, I recommend discussing your ideas with your parents.


The following article outlines some legitimate and powerful options that 13-year olds have for making extra money in the coming year.

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