How to Start Taking Control of Your Life

Control of Your Life

You can easily feel that life is just another thing you do, or something at your mercy. It is easy to choose to follow the lead of other people rather than what you really want. You can’t control everything in life, but you can control what you do and whether you are actually on the path that you want to be. These tips can help you to find the right path, and keep it that way.

Your Past

To find what your true passion is, go back in time to your childhood. Which was your dream job as a kid? Which things made you happy? There’s a good chance that the same things make you happy now even if you have buried those things down deep.

Do you dream of becoming a pro athlete? Or a well-known artist? It’s possible to still play with a brush or pick up a painting and make it a profession. Maybe you won’t make the Olympics or see your paintings hung in the top galleries in the world, but you could become a personal trainer or an art therapist. You can also start your own babysitting service if you have had a consistent babysitter in the past. This will allow you to control the schedule and size of your business from home. If you’re struggling to get in touch with the old you, try to talk to family and old friends or journaling.

How to Deal with Practical Obstacles

There will be two main types of obstacles that you’ll encounter. You may face obstacles because you lack self-belief or too few support. These obstacles are less practical. Although they can seem daunting at times, these types of challenges often have an easy solution. Maybe you’ve decided to follow your dream and become a teacher.

The first step is to attend college, and then to earn your degree. This may seem like a daunting task. There are many avenues available to help you pay for college, including scholarships. To help you choose the right scholarships for you, Going Merry can match you. Whatever the practical obstacles that you are facing, don’t let them discourage you. You can learn from the success stories of others and come up with a solution.

An absence of belief and support

The other kind of obstacle can be dealt with in many different ways. You may need to believe that you are capable or you might have to accept help from others. You can use positive affirmations to help. When you realize you are thinking things such as “This is too hard, I can’t do it,” change that to “This is challenging, but I can do it.” A therapist, a life coach or a career counselor may help you change direction. It may be a good idea to ask others for support, or to get rid of some people who are negatively impacting your life.

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