If You’re Not Being Treated Fairly It’s Time to Think About Suing Your Nursing Home

Nursing Home

A nursing home abuse case is one of the most serious crimes against elderly and disabled people. In these circumstances, nursing home administrators fail to deliver the promised care and aren’t providing the best level of care. If there are any signs of abuse, families can file a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Seek Evidence for the Abuse

It is important to first gather proof of elder abuse. Families can then take the senior to a hospital for an assessment.

A medical record can be a strong evidence for abuse and assault to determine if a USA crime has taken place.

If the medical records do not indicate abuse, it’s less likely that the family will be taken seriously. Nursing home records cannot include information about senior fall or any other accident that would explain away injuries. Families that need help suing a nursing home Contact an attorney first.

Discover Who is Abusing Your Loving One

The family could interview the senior to identify the abuser. The family may be able to visit the senior and provide them with a safe place for them to report the abuser. Family members can identify the time and frequency of visits to the nursing facility.

It could be more difficult for the senior to determine who is responsible if there are multiple workers that have abused them. After getting the information from their senior, the loved ones can find out the worker’s name if the senior doesn’t know it and get ready to report them.

The authorities should be notified of abuse

Next, report any abuse. Reporting the abuse must be done by the family. The officers will review the patient’s injuries and determine if there are any signs of abuse. In some instances, officers may arrest the offender if there is evidence of injuries. Police reports can be evidence that the victim was abused and enable the county to bring charges against the offender.

Keep All Evidence

In order to prove the injury, all family members will need images. The family can also take the loved one to the ER to report any additional injuries. An attorney can then file a motion with the court for video surveillance footage to be removed from the nursing facility before it goes missing.

Remove Your Loved One From Harm’s Way

You will then have to take the loved one out of the facility. Once the lawsuit is filed, the administrator of the nursing home will become aware. To prevent administrators and staff from making retaliation against seniors who have reported them to the authorities or had a coworker arrested, it is recommended that loved ones be removed.

Seniors and those with disabilities could suffer serious injuries or death from nursing home abuse. Family members must do everything possible to safeguard their loved ones from abuse. Start by gathering evidence and reporting those responsible for the injuries. By hiring an attorney and taking legal action, the family can hold the nursing home accountable for their loved one’s injuries.

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