Inflation fears force Americans to rethink financial choices, CNBC and Acorns survey says

Americans must reevaluate their spending habits in light of rising inflation.

The Consumer Price IndexThis is a measure of the breadth and variety of products and services that are included in the. jumped 7.9%In February, prices were up from twelve months earlier The prices of everything are increasing, including the food that you eat and the fuel that drives your car.

This is a major concern for people, as 48% think constantly about rising costs. CNBC + Acorns Invest in You surveyMomentive. A national sampling of 3953 adults participated in the online poll, which was carried out March 23-24.

According to the survey, three-quarters fear that rising prices could make them reconsider their financial plans in the months ahead.

The average American household is being hit by inflation at a cost of an extra $80 per month $296 per monthAccording to Moody’s Analytics, it is currently at. Experts believe it will only get worse.

However, consumer spending has not been affected in any significant way. retail salesIn February, the pace of growth was slower than anticipated.

According to the survey, 53% of respondents said they have reduced their dining out. They’re also less likely to drive and are cancelling monthly subscriptions.

If rising prices are persistent, Americans should consider eating out, driving, or taking trips and vacations. plan to cut back on even more.

It is clear that the past 12 months have been challenging for many. More than half of those surveyed said they have more financial problems this year than they did last. The most important concerns are about housing and gas prices. Gas prices increased 38% last year while shelter rose 4.7% and food costs rose 7.9%.

A large majority of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of inflation.

Fears of a recession

This is the current climate majority of Americans concernedEighty-one percent of those surveyed believe there is a chance for an economic downturn.

Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics said that “people are certainly on edge.” “Recession risk is high”

The odds of success are 1 in 3.

Is inflation likely to slow down in the future?

Zandi explained that inflation was caused by the pandemic which left supply chains and labor markets scrambled. The situation was made worse by the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which affected gas and food prices.

He stated that if the diagnosis was correct and the pandemic subsides, then inflation should slow down.

Zandi stated that consumers would feel more discomfort in the short-term if inflation persists.

He said, “We have a few bad months ahead.”

Inflation will rise to its highest point in May, and it will plummet by next year. It all depends on the global developments as well as how the US responds. Federal Reserve. The central bank increased interest ratesLast month, to fight inflation. Plans for six more hikes this calendar year.

Zandi said that if the Fed does not calibrate the system correctly, then the economy could go into recession.

Higher prices: Navigating

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You should first assess the financial state of your finances.

Ashton Lawrence, certified financial planner, is part of Goldfinch Wealth Management. She says that asking yourself key questions will help you determine where expenses can be cut.

How does cash flow look in your situation? Which type and how large of debt do we have? He said.

It’s all about small adjustments and control.

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After you have identified where your money is going, you can break it into wants and needs, and then you can start to reduce unnecessary spending.

McClanahan also claims that the cost of eating out is higher than cooking at your home. Which are the best restaurants? at the grocery storeUse coupons and comparison shopping as a way to save money.

You may feel tempted to order takeout on nights when you have limited time. McClanahan prepares meals ahead of time on Sundays, and freezes them for the busy nights.

Gas can be saved by carpooling and planning trips in your own vehicle to reduce driving. If possible, you can also work from home for a few days per week.

While it is natural to be concerned about rising prices, you can’t control them — and worrying about it isn’t good for your health, McClanahan said.

She said, “Keep your eyes on the things you are able to control.”

It is possible to reduce the impact of the external world around your home by making certain that you’re spending money wisely.

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